How does one make money and wealth via an entrepreneurial venture?

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Imagine I have an affordable product priced at say $8.99 and my cost is 2.99 that’s still just a 2.34x mark-up and only 6 per product. How is it even possible for a small business to generate profit? How are people doing it? Yes I’m aware it takes times to build revenue and generate profitability, but HOW are they doing it? Specially when in the world today expenses specially digital ads and influencers and other digital marketing costs are so high! How do small or big companies make profits despite incurring such high costs and high competition in practically every industry? Not to mention so many other costs exist whether you sell online or offline - such as transaction fees, logistics, commissions, distribution fees, etc etc etc etc). Most people say volume is the key but how do you generate volume if you don’t put in money into producing and marketing those higher quantities which then pushes back the timeline of profitability? Also when you spend so much money to achieve volumes, don’t you spend time just playing catch up instead of generating profits?



Ohhh at the end of the month, the amount of money that you bring in must be more than what you spend. That’s about it.


Structure your business properly.

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Many ways:

Repeat buyers.

Collecting the product revenue prior to purchasing the item sold.



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I started out like that. I own beauty supply store locations and sell online on amazon Walmart and eBay. Buyers never want to understand why prices are higher than the local stores. Because we pay for shipping. Platform fees to sell on those sites. And the product cost. I had to figure it out it took me a few months. How many products are you selling? Some product I barely make a couple dollars but others over $50 profit. That makes up for the products u barely make nothing. If ur selling online. It’s always good to give clear actual pictures good description and bullet points on why the product is good

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Expenses for advertising are actually lower than they ever have been. I can run ads all month for $30 and get 3000 impressions. And they are pretty targeted views so it’s not just everybody in my city listening to the radio - it’s everybody in my city who has shown some interest in my product or something similar.

To make 100k in profit from your example you only need to sell 17,000 of your item. In a world of 7 billion that’s not really that crazy of a number. It won’t be easy but it’s obviously doable.

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It is more difficult selling a $9 product because your margins are so low. Diversify your product offerings and find a way to sell more.

Large companies, especially brick and mortar have "loss leaders"...products that will lure customers in because of the huge discounts and while the customer is there, they will purchase other products. The "lures" are typically sold at or below cost...WalMart sells Crayola Crayons at $0.50/box during back to school season. Their normal price is around $1.25. They sell at $0.50 to lure customers in to purchase back to school clothes, backpacks, food and other items.

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The trick is you have to be the best at something. There has to be at least one aspect of your offering that is better than all the rest. People are already spending it is up to you to be the one they spend it with. Good luck.

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There are ways to acquire customers for free. They just take a long time. Alternatively, this is why marketplaces like amazon exist. The customers and intent to buy are already there. You just have to invest to rank up.

In any case, yes it’s hard. Add on the 10-20k you pay in annual federal and state taxes and insurance for just existing. I wouldn’t recommend starting a business to anyone who is ok making money elsewhere.

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Selling a $3 product for $9 isn't really enough of a profit margin. You would need to sell high volume, and like you said, that costs money and eats up profit.

My business makes 100k+ profit a year. Most of my products cost me $5, and I have an average sale price of $29.

I do 90% of my sales on eBay. For a 10% fee they do all the marketing for me. I don't have to worry, at all, about finding customers.

That's how I scaled up.

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We do services and only have a 40% gross margin. Our target profit margin is 20% which means all other expenses must fit in the other 20%

prodiver 1

It's not just about the percentage of gross margin.

I doubt you are selling a $9 service, like OP is selling a $9 product, and surviving on a 20% ($1.80) profit.

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That’s just one model - manufacturer focused / cheap product. Another like retail will have margins of 10-60%, probably less that 50% in many cases. Which is fine if you have a cheap way to acquire customers, and/or scale.

prodiver 1

> Which is fine if you have a cheap way to acquire customers, and/or scale.

Right, but OP does not have a cheap way to acquire customers or scale. That was the entire point of his post.

stagger_lead 1

It's just a lot more complex that "need high margin". I have one business where the product is 75% margin and another where the margin is more like 45%. I make tons more money from the 45% margin business because it is selling well established, often branded & recognised products to an established market who value stuff like customer service.

I like the ebay model - i agree that the benefits of having customers on a plate for 10% is a great deal. But there are plenty of other ways of doing it.

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It depends on the product. If your product is bought multiples, each time a customer buys the product, you have to spend less to market it to them (in theory).

I do marketing consulting and most of my clients I tell them to expect the first three purchases to be loss, neutral, profit. Meaning that probably the first buy is at loss to you (the business), the second you approach even, and the third time on you start making profit on the buyer. Gary V and John Taffer do this great video where they talk about how the average cost to get a customer in a restaurant is $40. Obviously, in most restaurants, your not making $40 dollars profit the first time they come in, but give them good product and service and when they come back again your much closer.

Then you use the cash flow of your business to shuffle around funding until you are in the black and can pull from reserves.

I know that seems like a simple answer, but I think that's the basics.

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"First nail it, then scale it."

Counselor_X 2

Market research, product research, product development, competitor analysis. You don't just make a product and hope it all pans out. You design a product specifically to be profitable. You know every expense you're going to have, before you have it.

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Enterprise/bulk/custom sales. Our software company makes a steady profit from our low-ticket high-volume sales, but we also supplement that with long term custom solutions for select clients. The high volume sales help our reach expand and find more of those one-off custom sales.

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You’re asking about the finance side—you need extra capital in order to get the volumes to a point where they can cover some SG&A. If you don’t have the money to bankroll it, you’ll have to look outside via debt or equity raises

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Nearly every big business today targeted the high end of the market and worked their way down. When you lack the infrastructure to sell at scale, focus on selling high-ticket and high-margin. That’s what I’ve found anyway

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Tesla is the only example of this business model that I know of.

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There are many different strategies for making it work - there isn’t one “right” answer. Ultimately what it comes down to is creating value for your customer. The way you create value totally depends on your product/service, your market, etc. What you outline in your original post with high cost, marketing, influencers and all of that is about building a brand. If the “brand” is your value, and if you’ve done a good job of building your brand, you wouldn’t sell that item which cost 2.99 for 7.99 or 8.99 ... you would sell it for 15.99 or even 19.99 or more if your brand commands that kind of premium. If you are trying to create value through brand, it can be extremely expensive. But there are other ways to create value. The most successful entrepreneurs figure out how to create value for their customers and then properly price their product/service to reflect the value they have created.

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Just a question- what business books have you read?

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Personally you are making it much more complicated than it really is however the keys to success are much easier since the digital age.

So to start this route you need to decide what industry you want. You've clearly chosen e-commerce. E-commerce is one of the easiest businesses to start honestly as long as you know how to do the marketing, site building, and product research.

Now that we are going this route your expenses should be as follows when starting up to cut unnecessary costs. - Business registration, Domain, company email, shopify -

At this point you want to build your site out completely and make sure you get the site SEO done. Now I know you are thinking but what about sourcing the product. doesn't that cost money?

Well yes and no. If you want the product in person then you can do that however most of these businesses these days in e-commerce will never see a product because of alibaba, aliexpress, and amazon. They simply take the best pictures they can find on the web of the item. photoshop the product how the want and begin listing it.

Then after that you can post your site and you are ready for sales. SEO will bring in the organic traffic and now this is where you approach the expense that makes or breaks your business. Digital marketing. The way these eCommerce sites succeed is with good ppc campaigns on google. Now you can do this yourself or try to learn what you can and hope for the best or go to someone that knows what they are doing that will make sure you succeed so they can keep your business. If you would like to really discuss specifics private message me because this is all too vague for me to properly help you since I am not sure what you are really trying to get into.

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Most people say volume is the key but how do you generate volume if you don’t put in money into producing and marketing those higher quantities which then pushes back the timeline of profitability? Also when you spend so much money to achieve volumes, don’t you spend time just playing catch up instead of generating profits?

I_am_teapot 2

Yes you may need to take risk to gain a piece of the market. Once you get to a certain point a certain amount of volume sustains itself. You’ll get referrals via word of mouth for example, and repeat sales to existing customers. The second is the biggest source of revenue- a lot of people will come back if the experience was good, and changing suppliers can be a lot of work which is painful.

Basically most businesses will have significant upfront startup costs which represents a significant amount of risk for new entrepreneurs- if there isn’t some risk then there generally isn’t a lot of money in it.

agcoustic 2

I think this is the thing you are largely missing. Lets say you have a food product with similar margins as you indicated. Those are gross margins - essentially retail price minus costs to produce. You will have operations, salary etc. to support from gross margins. The issue is that these things are fixed costs. In addition there are things like marketing needs to happen prior to revenue in order to reach volume typically.

This is why most high volume/CPG type businesses raise/borrow money. They typically are NOT profitable for a period of time unless they are generating cash somewhere else in the business. Yes, you can likely bootstrap to a point and use low-cost marketing methods but it is extremely hard to scale a high volume/lowish margin product like that. Cash is king when it comes to growth.

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You kind of answered your own questions. You don't generate volume without investing money into marketing. It would be inadvisable to quit your day job to start up a venture from ground zero. You're not going to be making any money for a while. No one just starts making profit from day one. You invest money and time to get a return on the other side be it one year or ten years.

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Hence why small businesses take at least a year or two to generate a profit. They need to pay back their initial expense. Want to know the ugly truth? It’s nearly impossible for financially insecure people to start a small business. It takes resources, capital, and fiscal ingenuity that is simply not available to those lacking funds and experience.

But let’s use your actual example. If I had a product that I knew from experience was likely to hit significant volume with the right push but I had very little start up funds, I would simply buy the product in less volume at a higher price and sell it at cost plus, say, $1. My risk is minuscule because I shouldn’t have too much trouble making my money back. When it starts to sell out quickly, I use the funds generated by the extra $1 per and buy a larger quantity at a slightly discounted price (assuming you have a good supply chain) and sell that at my original price point. Once those are almost gone, I use the profits to buy a larger inventory. See how this goes? It doesn’t have to be wildly profitable at first, it just has to pay for its own growth.

Of course you need to be financially stable so you can handle the months to years of zero profit while it takes off but, well, see paragraph A.

Referee_Gerb_Dean 1

2nd paragraph is true. 1st paragraph isn't true in all cases. My ecom business was profitable from the very beginning and I started with less than $100. Still going strong almost 7 years later

dardashian 3

This is accurate to me. We started a small retail candy shop 3 years ago and my husband and I still work regular jobs (he has a remote job and I freelance) while we pay off our start up expenses with our store profits.

Fatherof10 5

Amen! Sell then buy and start small and build.

This 100%

YellowSubmarine8901 15

You just have to do it. If you need it explained beginning to end, it’s likely you’re better off working for somebody else. Not a bad thing.

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You are right. Actually, the biggest leverage to improve profit margin is not volume. It is pricing. Interestingly, it is the most commonly ignored element by pretty much everyone. Even in your post, price seems to be an after-thought, a constant that you define and don't touch.

To calculate profitability, there is a simple formula: Profit = Volume x (Price - Variable Costs) - Fixed Costs.

Research studies show that if you increase your prices by 1%, you increase your profitability by 6% on average. Increasing volume by 1% only translates into a 2% increase in profits on average. As you rightly point out, you may need to invest in e.g. marketing to increase volume, which further reduces your profitability.

There are numerous techniques to ensure you set the right prices. Increasing your prices means increasing the value *you extract* from your clients. To do so, you need to understand the value that *you deliver* to your clients. Otherwise, you take the risk of not being fair and missing the mark. Looking hard into the value transfer has significant, positive side effects. A good value-based strategy makes your pricing, sales & marketing more accurate and relevant. It just helps sell more without increasing your costs and helps you build pricing power, which means you can increase your prices (and therefore profitability) with no adverse effect.

My advice to you: put customer value at the core of your company culture. Focus on increasing the value you deliver to your customers. You will subsequently get a significant competitive edge and notable increase in profitability.

There is a lot of literature out there on the topic, which I recommend you look into. Do feel free to PM me if you would like to discuss this further.

TorturedChaos 5

The two previous owners of the company I now own did 2 things: First found a need in the market. Second, once established they added more products and services that the customers wanted.

They saw a opening in the market after one of them was forced to pay a very high rush order fee when he had to outsource something. They figured if the other company could charge that high of a rush order fee, they must have more business than they knew what to do with.

First several years were still rough. Combination of some specialized skills from one owner and dumb luck, and lots of long hours, kept them open.

Once established they started adding more product lines and services that were tangential related.

And here we are almost 20 years later. I'm still looking to add new service/products or change up products/services that are no longer in demand.

Due to the variety of products and services we offer we have only been mildly effected by COVID shutdowns. When one part of the business is slow, another is usually busy.

cameo11 6

Sell $99 digital product that you create yourself. 95% margins. Now you have $30 per sale to spend on ads.

Jamothee 1

Such as?

watchspaceman 8

The trick is you need to be creative. It also requires luck.

Maybe you find a business that could use your product, even if its cheap then getting a large order will be enough to keep you going.
E.g. imaging being the napkin provider for mcdonalds.

You explained it pretty well, it is hard to succeed.

A lot of big headed business people never admit that they got lucky but I don't think there is a business that exists that didn't need some luck to succeed. I got super lucky and landed a national deal.

You will also learn that you can make your own luck. Put yourself in peoples minds, meet people and grow your connections and your luck will grow too.

Apptubrutae 19

Not all businesses are products. Services exist too, and many of them are much higher margin.

Some businesses have dramatically lower advertising cost and higher margins. Some industries are under saturated, or are in undesirable work that generates great revenue.

zirconst 34

You are thinking far too narrowly. You seem to be focusing strictly on physical products, when there are massive business empires built on solely digital goods and services. My entire career has been selling digital goods and services. Personally, I loathe the idea of dealing with physical products. Don't want to deal with inventory, warehousing, shipping, competing for listings on Amazon, etc. So, I don't!

For example, there are lots of multi-billion dollars software companies. Microsoft, Google, Oracle, SAP, Salesforce, Intuit, etc. Many of the hottest startups in the last 15 years have been software or SaaS. These kinds of businesses are far, far easier to scale than any physical enterprise.

Services can be an entrepreneurial venture as well. If you start as the person offering the service, your costs can be little to nothing. This can be anything from offering lessons (music, programming, art, whatever), to business consulting, to trades (plumbing, electrical, etc) and beyond. While harder to scale than selling digital goods, these businesses can certainly create a great income and lasting wealth. You still don't need to worry about warehousing, shipping, packing, or any of that. Scaling is more about just hiring more people to accommodate a larger number of clients. Simple!

Bottom line: Think beyond goods that sell physical products. You are absolutely right that there are many barriers to entry there and many challenges that are not easily overcome by first-time entrepreneurs. There are other, easier, safer, and potentially far more profitable kinds of businesses out there.

mister_brian 1

Not to mention zero sales tax in most localities for digital goods/services

beauty1981 1

It’s a big competition on amazon eBay and Walmart. I went from making a couple hundred dollars a day to thousands of dollars a day. It’s all about you and what time u spend focusing to make ur business better. I make very accurate listings true pictures and always ship same day. I included on all listings bullet points on my products. My description and bullet points are so good I got other sellers attached to my listings and sells sometimes cheaper. But I learned ppl don’t care about a $1 or 2 cheaper if they are getting the product fast and accurate products and in new condition. I don’t lower my prices and still beating out the ones who stole my listings and make cheaper prices

littlemissliability 1

If you don't mind me asking, what do you sell?

beauty1981 4

beauty supply products. anything u find in a beauty supply store. cosmetics, hair brushes, hair dryers, flat irons, barber clippers, fake and virgin hair, du-rags, wave caps, hair coloring, shampoo, edge tamers, all stuff u find in beauty supply stores, we have over 9000 items and just got 17 new items.

beauty1981 3

example well know beauty supply store (Sally's) almost everything they carry we carry accept of course they got products only for them same as we do. but we carry way more products than they do. we have over 9000 items.

littlemissliability 1

Good stuff! Are you the manufacturer as well? If not, how did you start off (ex: aliexpress)?

beauty1981 6

no i am not the manufacture. i actually worked for someone making their listing to sell and responding to buyers. he made big time money but had bad habits and lost a lot of employees because he wouldn't never pay us on time it would be a couple weeks later till we seen pay. i got sick of that. i knew the products and the manufactures. i knew a company located in chicago IL even i am in michigan they open companies in ever state. i paid them $400 to apply for all business licenses and federal (IRS) tax id. once all that i applied for accounts with the manufactures once approved usually within 1-2 days. ordered products and started selling. ebay is simple. amazon on the other hand a little difficult. amazon anything applied to the body or skin (such as shampoo, cosmetics, lotions,) u have to get one of the manufactures to provide u with a (GMP) good manufacturing practice or (COA) certificate of analysis or (FDA) registration showing the products are safe. so for a minute ebay doesn't require this so i could sell most products on ebay. a lot of manufactures will not give up this info saying its shows privacy of their company. it took me ordering from a few manufactures till i found one would supply it. i have 29 manufactures i carry and sell their products and only 1 would give me such info. no not aliexpress. all cosmetic companies, Nicka K, revlon, maybelline, manufactures. that have edge tamers, there is a lot of manufactures carry several different products. a typical manufacture has millions of products and if u get a. good sales person they will help u with what products sell the most and what products move in ur area.

littlemissliability 1

This is helpful, thanks! Do you dropship?

beauty1981 4

no i do not do dropship. i have all products i sell in my warehouse and we package and ship all products our self. we have been looking into it but not sure. I would rather ship my self and inspect the product take pictures of product before shipping. to make sure customer receives what they ordered and its not defective. drop ship if the manufacture or retailer i send a order to accidentally sends a wrong product or defective item buyers don't care they will be quick to leave the negative feedback on you. they don't care it was a third party shipped the item. i know a few ppl stores their products within amazon and amazon ships out the products. but many sellers saying it was a bad experience. that is where most of their negative feedback comes from not shipping their self

littlemissliability 1

Yeah dropshipping is best for quick sales, and more of a one season investment. I thought most retailers might've incorporated it into their sales but I see why not. Thanks for the info & good luck!

Jamothee 1

Sorry this is a super noob question but how would one go about selling a digital service / product? How did you start along that path?

zirconst 1

There are many possibilities here. On the 'product' side, people sell eBooks, video courses, audio books, music albums, stock photography (or video), desktop applications, wallpapers... the list goes on. There's so much you can do.

My business specializes in music software. I got into it because I have a background as a composer & producer, and I was buying lots of software myself. I became particularly interested in "sample libraries", which are basically collections of audio recordings organized into playable instrument(s) that can be triggered with a keyboard. (It can be a lot more complicated than that, but that's the simple explanation.)

The nice part about making these tools is that they don't require you to start from scratch. There is a lot of technical skill, but it's not like coding desktop apps from scratch, so the barrier of entry isn't too bad. Over time, we've released over 50 products of different kinds with increasingly deep programming, UI, features, etc.

sprk1 8

I agree with everything you said. Everything but the "digital is easier to scale" part. Warehousing, shipping, packing, et. al. is a known and understood problem. Scaling is a measure of implementing a set of systems and procedures which make it all self reliant and measurable. Scaling digital beyond just running on rented metal is helluva hard. A lot more in my opinion than the equivalent retail based business.

That said, they're both small potatoes in comparison to manufacturing, either on the manufacturer or on the buyer side. That is trully a nightmare of an undertaking.

zirconst 3

I suppose what I meant by scaling digital is this: in the physical product world, going from 1 order a day to 10, and then 100, will require significant operational changes. You might be able to store & ship 1 product a day from your own house. But not 100 per day. Likewise you may need to change your supply chain to accommodate that volume of orders.

On the other hand, scaling from 1 sale per day of a digital item to 100, or even 1000, requires no changes to your supply chain or delivery model. Sure, you might need to pay for more bandwidth, but that's very straightforward compared to the challenges of scaling physical product sales.

stagger_lead 6

Digital is demonstrably easier to scale. If I need more of my physical product, I have to pay the factory to start making more, and hopefully in 6-12 weeks I will have some new product arrive at my door. Fingers crossed it’s good quality and they didn’t cut any corners, and I can get the packaging to be ready at the same time, and then we have to physically get it into people’s hands, using delivery services etc etc. For most digital services you can sell ten times, 100 times more overnight and not even have to make server and bandwidth capacity changes.

sprk1 7

I get your point, but if you sell ten, hundreds, or even thousands more overnight and you have nothing to change infrastructure wise you're not yet scaling. Digital is a piece of cake, until it isn't. When you trully start to scale your tech stack it's a trully monumentous undertaking.

Managing colocated SAN clusters in mutiple countries, continuously having to build an increasing number of compute nodes to keep up with processing power demands, and troubleshooting network issues when you have hundreds of components seemingly working AOK and dozens of engineers scratching their heads working overtime, are all hard as hell. And that's just at the infrastucture level. Then we go into software, implementation, compliance, partnerships...

I'm not saying scaling retail isn't hard. I'm saying that the problems in scaling retail have been solved a thousand times over by thousands of companies to the point where if you need to streamline your warehouseing mess, you pay a couple of tens of thousands of dollars to a consultant and implement something tried and true. The same is not true in tech. What I can concede though is that scaling is a problem a whole lot earlier on retail than it is on digital. You can go ten years on digital using a couple of VPS providers, while if you're not having growing pains on retail within the first couple of years you're probably in the red and about to fold.

stagger_lead 2

Not sure what the silly gatekeeping about what is ‘real8 scaling is about, it certainly applies to vast majority of businesses.

Your last sentence seems to wholeheartedly agree with my point. It’s pointless to be discussing business as if we are dealing with potential twitters, Uber’s and YouTubes, it’s simply doesn’t apply to this audience.

yeshandno 113

You just explained why starting and running your own business is difficult.

It's not for everyone, but if you can figure it out, it's awfully rewarding.

  sansastark9 3

I want to be able to figure it out! If you’ve figured it out please share!

BobbyBAKA42 22

Man, everyone downvoting someone trying to learn needs to get a grip. Weak. Dont stop trying to learn! There is tons of great info out there.

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He's on unemployment...

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1) what on earth makes you think that he is?

2) and so what if he is? All the more respect to him for trying to dig himself out of a hole.


His post history is all about unemployment claims

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I saw his was speaking about his mother's unemployment.


I stand corrected.

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No they aren’t? You’re replying to the wrong person.

And with regards to that person: Yeah, but did anyone actually read the comments? They are all on behalf of their mother, and they’re consistently about the same aspect of it.

Jesus people on Reddit are quick to judge.


Well said. I have 3 locations selling beauty supply products. Starting selling online it was tough. I had ppl attach to my listings I made. Because I always give bullet points and good accurate description. But those ppl would always make there price lower even buy a few cents to a couple dollars. But since I always shipped same day and 100% of the time correct item. I have 100% positive feedback. It was so hard at first but I never gave up. Because being a new seller online ppl get worried it’s always helps to treat buyers with respect and go above and beyond to make them satisfied without hurting your company. Now I’m rated top seller on eBay and amazon


It’s tough sometimes to make profit if u got other sellers selling the same products at lower prices. Knowing u get the same price from the manufacturer Because I order only from manufacturers of the products. But they are loosing profit to get buyers. I stay firm on my price. Some items u might make $2-3 dollars profit but other items u make a huge profit that help counter this out. But I always ship same day. Always correct item. And respond to all buyers messages within 1 hour. I have numerous repeat buyers even if another seller is cheaper because I gained the buyers trust


All new companies struggle in the beginning no matter what. Just have to stay focused and create a way to attract potential buyers to you

wamih 6

You will have to learn, do market research, learn some more, possibly fail a few times and take those lessons...


Exactly I have 3 beauty supply stores always did great from the beginning but when I started selling online my products I sell. It was a struggle but 7 months in before I was a huge success. It takes time like u said market research. And always take time in listening to ur buyers and in ur online listing. It’s all on you how much time ur willing to spend to make things happen. U have to attract buyers. But always be honest. I now have millions of online buyers and several repeat buyers because my honest attractive listings and always shipping same day and go through a 2 step process inspection of product and assuring right products are sent. I went from no feedback and no buyers now I’m rated 1 of the top sellers on amazon and eBay

Person_of_interest_ 8

No you donr

beauty1981 1

i don't have to lie. like i need to please ppl online. i would be saying i make online 20 million. amazon ppl are making millions if u sell online and u don't make at least 20,000 a month ur selling fake or defective shit or not in the right market place. don't tell me what i make

Sales snapshot taken at September 8, 2020 12:24:46 PM PDT
Total order items
1,351 Units ordered
1,473 Ordered product sales
$15,375.46 Avg. units/order item
1.09 Avg. sales/order item
$11.38 i made almost $16,000 from august 16th till now sept

beauty1981 1

yes i do. Bit--- how u know what i make i own 4 companies. 3 beauty supply stores and a heavy hauling trucking company. u don't probably have shit. shit dumb ass i make little money selling online on amazon, walmart and ebay there is ppl making millions stupid ass

notlikelyevil 13

It's different every time and every product area and once you figure it out it will change every 6 months or year.

PerfectWorld3 4

Isn't that the truth.

yeshandno 43

Every industry and every company is different ... That's the challenge :)


Exactly I have 3 locations in beauty supply products and sell online and online alone I make $20,000-$30,000 with ending profit of $15,000-$24,000 a month. To be honest it’s all about attracting customers to ur products and give a good description clear pictures and make bullet points on why ur product is worth ppl to buy but always be honest on all u say or u will loose a lot of potential buyers

Person_of_interest_ 17

I'm on unemployment and lie alot. FTFY

tobeany1 27

What do you get out of being a pathological liar on the internet? Your comment history is public, you know.


i can cover my companies names and the tax id for my privacy info and post my all 4 of my 1099 forms for my taxes. i'm not saying i am the richest person. i didn't own anything in my life but a car and paid rent didn't own a house or anything till i married my husband and he owned the businesses. i am not a liar ur probably a troll that has nothing and never will. thats why my family comes to the US and buys all businesses because some Americans can't save or own shit and you all are hasty on Foreigners when they do. my uncle owns 7 gas stations in maryland 6 shell 1 marathon. my sister and her husband owns 2 hotels. my dad owns a middle eastern store and a world wide known cardiologist. u have nothing and never will is ur problem

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If you are making that much how do you have such a shitty accountant that you are taking all income as a 1099?


when ur self employed u have 1099 so ur the dumb ass. and sales taxes. u don't have W2. my accountant located in chicago for 25 years he knows what he is doing. and all my employees get 1099 at the end of the year

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No you don't. you don't have employees if they are getting 1099's those are subcontractors. You have zero idea what you pretending to know about.


well i hired them. i pay them every week. and they file their taxes Against out federal tax id number. my account does all that not me and he wouldn't been in business over 25 years if he didn't know what he's doing


liar??? you don't know me or my business. i own 4 businesses in michigan so go F---- off

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Your entire post history is on r/unemployment so your are a liar and a fraud


my mom which is on unemployment uses my account here. michigan unemployment is not coming after me for fraud my name or SSI# never in there system. my name is Amal J Alsoofi so turn me in for fraud. because there is no fraud i don't get unemployment. so police or FBI won't be on my doorstep any time soon i sleep well at night


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totally agree. I am not on unemployment but I have family and friends who are. $300 for 3 weeks is total BS. if they couldn't continue $600 at least keep the $300 till the economy picks up. my biggest issues saying ppl don't want to work because they are getting free money BS. them are the ppl that never showed up for work or didn't care because they were already getting some sort of free help. the hard working ppl should get the help they f----- deserve. its sad trump and his republican goonies and the dems both are more focused on crap that does not matter. ppl are jobless not their fault. concentrating on bailing out USPS, Nancy getting a hair cut when salons not suppose to be opened, or trump pushing senate in adding a new FBI building to the package to benefit his wealth because if the new FBI building is built by his hotel no other hotel can establish their. all higher up government personnel is only worried about crap that has nothing to do with the pandemic and lining their own pockets and F--- the ppl that are working tax payers that pay their salary

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theres one of my post dumb ass from unemployment

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yes. thats what my mom said on her claim she filed its still under submitted hasn't processed. so maybe after processed they will add the funds. please keep me posted. i don't get unemployment but my mom does she doesn't get the whole reddit thing. so thats why i try to find info for her. if you see anything please let me know. so i can tell her. i help her file so i will check hers if i see anything on the $300 i'll let u know as well. Thanks

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like i said my mom is on unemployment she uses my account and she ask me to type for her in english. and i state i'm researching info for my mom and some friends. michigan unemployment isn't coming after me like all the known fraudsters. my name or SSI# has never been in their system. u all are some jealous MF's that have nothing. i don't care about any MF's on here no one pays my bills. and i answer only to god. so get a F---- life.

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listen dumb ass my mom uses the account she moved in with me. she's not good in english language and all my post on unemployment that i posted not my mom says i am seeking info for my mom


What part of their comment history allures to them being a liar?

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Sales snapshot taken at September 8, 2020 12:24:46 PM PDT Total order items 1,351 Units ordered 1,473 Ordered product sales $15,375.46 Avg. units/order item 1.09 Avg. sales/order item $11.38 i made almost $16,000 from august 16th till now sept 8th dumb MF saying i'm lying, thats just my online store. i own 2 local beauty supply stores and a heavy hauling trucking company. dumb Bit--- that owns nothing

and thats only amazon sales (not even a full month and at almost $16,000,) and that does not include ebay or sales

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> Sales snapshot taken at September 8, 2020 12:24:46 PM PDT Total order items 1,351 Units ordered 1,473 Ordered product sales $15,375.46 Avg. units/order item 1.09 Avg. sales/order item $11.38 i made almost $16,000 from august 16th till now sept 8th dumb MF saying i'm lying, thats just my online store. i own 2 local beauty supply stores and a heavy hauling trucking company. dumb Bit--- that owns nothing

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If they had a sure fire method figured out, they’d just do it themselves instead of telling you for nothing

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If it were that easy, then everyone would do it

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Hard work and free labor (yours)

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Get onto r/thesidehustle for guidance