How Jamie MacDonald signed up Dean Graziosi and Lewis Howes as his clients

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I interviewed Jamie for my podcast last month and at one point he shared how he was able to sign some of the biggest names in business as his clients. For some context, Jamie is a football freestyler and Andrew Henderson is a 5 time world champion in freestyle football. Here’s how he did it, in his words ...

Jamie: Lewis Howes is a good friend of mine now. We met around maybe 15 months back in London. So the story behind that was, Lewis was in London for an event. He was doing a speaking engagement and I basically connected Lewis with Andrew Henderson. So Andrew Henderson has a million followers on Instagram now and Lewis had a million at a time. So I was like, “Hey guys, you should connect. I think you guys could bounce off each other and create content. You can actually work together.” And Lewis got back to me and said, “Yeah, that sounds great.” And it was maybe fate. I don’t know. I’m not a big believer in it but as if by chance, a freestyle job came up to me in London that same day Lewis and Andrew were to meet. So I caught the overnight sleeper train and just helped them out. So that’s how we actually got connected, just kind of by chance, but it was me who engineered putting them together and that’s kind of the whole thing that I am all about, is kind of, how could I be of service to these two guys and lift them? And the way I messaged Lewis on Instagram was, I didn’t make it about me at all. And this is a good tip for anybody who’s reading this. Nobody wants to hang around with a random 25-year-old kid who wants to kick ball. But they have time if somebody is being of service to that person. So I knew that if I made it about him and him only or him and somebody else, something that can benefit him, there’s a good chance that he’ll listen to me. Whereas if I make it about me, there’s a good chance he gets that all the time and he’s not going to listen. So my intention with Lewis at the time, although I consider him a friend now was to be of service to him without expectation. So I was of service without expectation trying to add value to his experience in London and he got back to me because of that. So if you are going to reach out to somebody you consider a mentor, you have to be of service to that person without expectation because if you kind of gave him the fanboy approach, they’ll acknowledge you and they’ll appreciate you but they might not respect you in terms of meeting up with you and spending the day with you. But if you’re constantly of service to this person without expectation and you’re doing a good job; the motivation guys, in particular, they have these inner circle moments where they will gather around and discuss how they can take each other to the next level. If you’re over-delivering without expectation, there’s a good chance they’re going to say “Hey Lewis, how did you get so successful over on TikTok?” And Lewis might say to these guys confidentially “Oh this guy Jamie did everything.” “Who’s this Jamie guy? Put me in touch.” And you know, that’s when you start getting work from other people that are on the higher level that you want to be at. And with Dean Graziosi, I saw he had a Tiktok account and had around 140 followers. But he wasn’t presenting or his marketing team, although they were doing a great job in terms of the content, the framing was 16 by 9, which is a big no-no on TikTok and there were just a few things going on with the way it was presented. And again, I just want to be of genuine service to Lewis and his friend as I just said. So I told Lewis, “Hey look, this account can improve. If they require any assistance with anything, please do not hesitate to ask.” And that was it. I didn’t want a job. I was just trying to help them. I was just going to consult them and that was the end of it. But a week later, they actually ended up hiring me and I became the social media manager for Dean.

I was actually talking to Jamie on phone before the interview when he brought up this story for the first time. I told him Gary Vee talks about the same hack — send emails to people you admire in your space and offer them your services for free — I’ll transcribe your podcast, edit your audio, manage your account, whatever it is you are skilled at. Jamie added yet another layer to it, “Think about your leverage first.” I found this interesting. For example, Jamie had grown his TikTok to 400k followers before he emailed Lewis. He had the results to back his offer.

What’s your leverage? You don’t necessarily need 400k followers to become someone’s social media manager. But having a track record certainly helps. As Omar Elattar says, “You cannot guarantee your mentors will open your email and commit to something you propose. We play with probabilities. And every word, the subject line, the length of your message along with your leverage pushes your probability a tiny bit up.”

Also, think about what would be of interest to the other person. Lewis is an All-American athlete whose athletic career ended after a devastating wrist injury. He’s since built his School of Greatness podcast into one of the most downloaded podcasts of all time. Jamie was aware of Lewis’ passion for sports. So when he pitched Lewis, he leveraged his friendship with Andrew Henderson and offered to help Lewis connect with Andrew, the 5-time freestyle football world champion. Again, his offer being very relevant to Lewis’ passion increased the probability of Lewis replying to him. Gary Vee is interested in the New York Jets. Kevin O’Leary is interested in wine. Joe Rogan is interested in MMA and comedy. What is your mentor interested in?

15 months back, Jamie knew none of them. A couple of weeks back he gave a webinar to Lewis’ inner circle. He tells me he’s receiving so many requests for social media management that he could build an agency tomorrow. Also, what’s the long term value of being friends with Lewis and Dean? People pay $10,000 to join their masterclass. There are tricks to get yourself inside the doors that remain closed for most of us, for free. Copy them and trust the process.

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