How much is your usual monthly passive income?

by VincentKo. Posted on Sep 16, 2020    56    79

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josh_from_the_street 5

Ok then if you make so much money and you want me to trust you send me a 25$ gift card for steam

TrembleCrimble 1

Just need your bank account number and routing number!

dogmetal 7

Venmo me $20 now.


Time to unsub.

Jimboy10 3

What makes you say that?



shortyshock 1




paulpaul25 3

From my experience, blogging is far from being passive.
If you don't mind me asking, how many new articles per month do you publish? & Do you manage to outsource all the writing & seo?


Digital product sales -$2000-$3000/Mo
Membership recurring - $5200/mo
Affiliate marketing - $~500/Mo
Merch- $80-$100/Mo
Ad revenue -$13/mo
More automated income than passive income.

lelu_leo 1

What kind of digital products? Is it a service?

OPIathome 1

Graphic packs, monthly conversion scripts, digital worksheets, a couple excel trackers, and a virtual binder. All very niche specific

kingoffrauds 1

I have a duplex and co own three mobile homes, total amount monthly is $1365


Why so little?

lecasiodxb 1
sadiesmiley 1

About $5k but not completely passive, a few hours s week on them total.

UniqueSombrero 1

my story is that at first I tried after affiliate marketing but didn't work, I searched for passive income options and found some apps. For instance, with Honeygain app, I managed to get 40$ in a first month. even the first 5$ bonus is easy to get, just by using the code “redditbee” when registering. for me this easy option worked much more better than aff links and I'm still looking for more similar apps

Iowa_Engineer 1

Currently getting between $300 to $500 per month on micro stock photos/videos. Not sure how long it would stay in that range if I stopped adding new content though.

not_nandiloaf 1

$0-$50 only 2 phones no referrals started a little over a month ago🙃

arslanalen1 1

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onlybrownpanther 2

I do not have a fixed income, I took my entire income from 2019 and averaged it for a month. But there were some months with very less and some months with quite a lot in there.

CourageousChronicler 9

Yes. That's how average monthly income works.

onlybrownpanther 2

Well the question does not say average, it just says monthly passive income. So I explained that took the average and maybe not the lowest or the highest.

a_winged_potato 3

$50 - $150. Once I get more free time to devote to setting up my products it should go up, I've just been neglecting my site for like a year and a half.

lelu_leo 1

Good luck man, sometimes we get in a rut and cant get out, i know how you feel

a_winged_potato 1

It's not a rut it's just that I've been working insane hours at my day job and during my time off I want to relax, not do more work. Thanks though.

TriSamples 2

Needs to be passive revenue with a secondary value of passive profits. Too many people claiming revenue is their income.

vstratosphere5 2

$700-800 a week on automated YouTube channels.

FlyingTendieMonster 2

What is an automated YouTube channel? Does it somehow automatically create videos and upload them? How many channels do you have to earn up to $3200 per month? That sounds so good, it’s hard to believe.

vstratosphere5 2

Yeah using python and various apis. Think best tiktoks of week, best twitch clips of week, Reddit channels and sports highlight. I have 5 channels but 1 makes 98% of the money

FlyingTendieMonster 2

That’s amazing! Congratulations and thanks for sharing.

KookyHorse 3

$1000+ Android apps, amazon kdp, medium,Quora, class action lawsuits, red bubble

Joshieboy_Clark 3

Well that’s depressing

csp256 7

About $7k gross. 7 rental units in 3 states. Bought 2 last year and 5 this year so far.

I've only ever been to one of them.

Net is close to $3k. Principal paydown is another $1k a month and 3% appreciation in VHCOL market only is about $2k a month.

ethanfinni 5

Are your rentals apartments, townhomes or, single-family dwellings? Asking because I don't see any "management/maintenance" costs. How do you deal with maintenance issues that come up in 3 different states?

csp256 5

5 SFH 1 duplex.

I actually rent the entire duplex to my mother at just the mortgage cost, so she can live in it and sublease it to provide herself with income. If I wasn't subsidizing her the number would be closer to $8.5k gross.

> Asking because I don't see any "management/maintenance" costs.

I said my net was ~$4k less than my gross...

I have my property managers take care of everything, of course. That's what I pay them for.

ethanfinni 2

Aha! thanks, nice setup with mom. OK didn't realize your net included maintenance. Cool, thanks for the response.

iSeeChrisD 3

Wow, this is interesting. Could you go into a little more detail about dealing with purchases without ever visiting these places? How many people are involved in the sales phase? How do you find and deal with property managers?

The_Northern_Light 5

(EDIT: same guy different account)

I'm going to talk about just one of the markets. The other two are places I live / lived, so for purposes of this post I'll pretend like they don't exist.

I have boots on the ground.

  • a property manager who also handles the rehab. He has a crew of contractors.
  • a Realtor who is investor-friendly.
  • an older investor who I befriended

    I went and met the team in person before I purchased my first house. I intend to go back yearly to keep up relationships, at least once COVID calms down. Whenever that'll be.

    Those three will go and look for deals. Sometimes they refer a deal to me, sometimes I send them to look. Then I buy it and get it fixed up and rented out.

    Look at it this way: do you know how to tell if a house's foundation is in good condition or do you pay an expert and just do whatever they say? If the latter, what about this process actually requires you to be there? What edge does that provide? All you have to do is trust the expert. In my case I trust my team and double check what they say against each other.

    So far I'm mostly been buying cash but I'm about to switch to using a portfolio lender now that I'm more sure of my process. That means a local credit union that keeps the loan on its books instead of bundling and reselling it on the market. This means that they can be far more flexible than conforming lenders, but the rates are a bit higher. That said the houses in my primary cashflow market have an a weighted average gross monthly rental yield of 2.25% so I'm totally cool with paying a 6% rate if it allows me to buy 3x to 4x as many houses with the same initial investment.

    I found a market I liked then looked for good people there. Once you find one good person, they already know the rest. :) I was looking for and found VLCOL area with at least average population growth, a hospital and a university, and diverse local economy (no single employer or sector dominates local economy). I was also looking for a smaller "less efficient" market.

    Example deals:

  • 3 bed 1 bath 1100 sqft for $30k in desirable neighborhood. Had awful cosmetic damage, rehab cost $12k. Worth about $90k. Rents for $800. Could get more but its a slam dunk already and tenant is on my crew.

  • 2 bed 1 bath 600 sqft for $20k with tenant in place at $600, no work needed.

  • 3 bed 1 bath 1200 sqft for $30k but needed $10k of work. Worth about $55k. Rents for $950.

  • 2 bed 1 bath 800 sqft for $42k freshly remodeled. Rents for $800.

    So between those four I put in $144k out of pocket and have $207k in equity, which provides me with $3,150 a month in gross rent. 50% of rent is a reasonably conservative estimate of long term expenses, including everything but financing, so call it $1,600 (even though really my expenses are less, so my take is higher, but lets be conservative).

    By the way the people who follow the 4% rule in the FIRE community are implicitly valuing each $100/mo of cashflow at $30,000. $1,600/mo net for $144k invested is implies a value of $100/mo of cashflow at $9,000 instead...

    I'm in the process of pulling out 80% of the equity ($165k) which should allow me to double down and repeat the process. The interest on that would be about $830/mo. Once that's done I'll have an income of $770/mo, net of everything, all of my initial investment back, and an additional $21k.

    That's year 1. In year 2 I expect to average at least 1 house a month.
CatNipDealer28 13

$1200/month. Blogging, affiliate marketing, SEO, electronic packages for purchase

Edit: why am I being downvoted? I’ve been doing this for 3 years and worked hard to set up a foundation for passive income. Read numerous books, researched niche markets, paid real money on workshops with experienced professionals, worked 70 hour weeks initially getting everything going, failed over and over and over until I found the right formula.

If you think passive income streams are things you can be lazy about and slap up in a few days or even a few months and start profiting big numbers and never lift a finger after the initial setup, you are sorely mistaken and need to be more realistic. Monthly income started at about $40/month and over the years after learning more and honing skills, now it’s at where it is. Goodness.

shortyshock 1

so you make bundles and sell them ? can you share where?

CatNipDealer28 2

I created my own website and then drive traffic to it through blogging on my own site as well as other blogging sites that cater to my target demographic.

lelu_leo 1

Do you sell products or services on your website? And you blog on youtube?

CatNipDealer28 1

Yes I have a cart, and then also a services list that I change up depending on how much more effort I’m willing to take on and life circumstances. I do written blogs every few months mostly for SEO and I did also do videos on YouTube. I only made 2-3 videos on there but I’m consistently getting followers from them and traffic back to my website. I’ve also collaborated with companies in the same niche market so my work ends up being spread all over but my website is always credited so it gets pointed back there.

buggalookid 12

I make about $6 / mo on shutterstock which is the only truly passive income i have (outside of investments.) It buy my wife an i dinner once a year!

Edit: grammer

OnlyReveal6 1

I can recommend Brave it's an easy small passive income

FlyingTendieMonster 6

How many images do you have in your shutterstock portfolio?

buggalookid 1

i have about 50 photos but only one sells

FlyingTendieMonster 1

Did you take the photos and if so, are you a professional photographer? Ever thought about stocking up your portfolio? Seems like very attractive income, since it’s truly passive.

buggalookid 1

im not, i just used to travel a lot before covid. i do have more pics but it takes time to upload and them and right now i have better things to focus on.

funny thing, i now buy a lot of stock photos and i am always looking for just plain photos of objects but its often very difficult. i wonder if there is actually a better market for that kind if stuff.


Is -100$ an option? I'm in debt :(

RxHacker 8

I made about $1100 last month

thebueller 7

Care to share what path you chose, without giving away the secret to your success?

RxHacker 4

Pharmacy discount cards, similar to GoodRx, singlecare, etc. I distribute them and get paid for each prescription sold on my card.

dontreadthisyouidiot 3

Hey if possible could you please DM me some info on this? It would translate well with my and my significant others day job

TrembleCrimble 12

Being a pimp pays

kstack75 1


BlueBunny333 13

As of today with 143 votes

104 had $0-$50 (72,72%)
10 had $50-$150 (6,99%)
7 have $150-$500 (4,90%)
8 have $500-$1000 (5,59%)
7 have $1000-$3000(4,90%)
7 had $3000+ (4,90%)

roughly 15% of the readers here have above $500 passive income

etno2 8

thank you. it's too bad there's no "just want to see the results" option

tobydoesit 19

Adsense, index fund, costco cashback credit card, shopify clothing site.

shortyshock 2

thank you for sharing those concise and clear examples!

need the costco card !

is the adsense on your personal website? blog? shopify store? would like to know more?

shopify store was built by you? is it a drop shipping store?

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dogmetal 28

347 votes... was hoping more of y’all would comment how you’re getting that scratch.

jaygee31337 5

10 doors of rentals. $300+ a door/mo

Mirimirii 3

Can you explain more please ?

jaygee31337 10

I own 4 properties in Chicago, il, Southside. 3 single families, one 4 Plex. All managed by a property manager in Chicago. Rents are $1300-1500 on the SFRs, PITI for all around $700ea. Property management is 10%.

4 Plex $925-975/ea/mo, mortgage $2k.

I own a beach house with friends, Airbnb only. Had it for 3 years, rents are about $60k/yr on 2k mortgage. Only expenses are utilities, welcome gifts and maintenance.

All were 20% down, except the 4 Plex which was 25%.

Cash out of pocket ~220k or so, gross revenue ~14.5k/mo. Hope to add a sfr every year until retirement.

MyFinanceName 4

How do you find a trustworthy/reliable property manager? I’ve always wanted property far away from me but I don’t really know what to do

jaygee31337 5

Yeah, tough one. On my 4 Plex I was taken for a ride. Place wasn't finished, uninhabitable, ate the mortgage for nearly a year. Placed non paying tenants and was giving them free rent in lieu of repairs (they held the warranty because I bought the place from them). Ultimately cost me 50-60k in mortgage and repairs when I found a good manager.

My advice, check the BBB, call the building department, call about complaints against their real estate management license.. I didn't do any of that on my first one, could have saved me a lot of money.

Best bet, get on biggerpockets and ask for a good turn key or property manager in the area you want to buy in. They're really good folks on the platform.

Good luck

raduqq 68

I feel that 0$ should be an option of its own and 0$-50$ be replaced with 1$-50$.


$1-$50 should just be scaled to $0

GundamNewType 1

Any passive income is a passive income, even just $1.

The_Northern_Light 3

Do you want to learn how I earn over $0.08 a month in passive income?

Sign up now for 4 easy payments of only $795!

Code_Reedus 3

Anything under $100 probably doesn't pay for expenses or the time spent achieving it.

$0-50 or $0-100 makes sense as categories to me.

joecool1992 1

True, that's a lot of people's journey. Doesn't always mean you're poor but could be that you're still working on something