How much percent of a consulting business should the IT guy get in a startup?

by Whoshuydoan1. Posted on Sep 16, 2020    1    12

So I'm launching an energy consulting business. I created the business plan and I will be the face of the business. I met a guy that specializes in social media marketing and web design and he has been great so far. He will manage the social media side of the business while I manage the creative side. I will handle all the marketing expenses. What would be a reasonable percent of the business to offer him?



Nothing. He’s a web guy.

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Seems like web guys are becoming more and more important with isolations, quarantines and e-commerce transaction sky rocketing again. What will this guy do when he leaves for a better paying job?

Anybody can be a web guy. Very few actually make money online.

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For a rip I’ll be the web guy.

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watching porn isn't a web guy

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What's the creative side of an energy consulting business? He's not an IT guy, he's the marketing guy. Figure out how indispensable he is to your business in terms of dollars and go from there. Followers are useless if they don't convert.

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Why the fuck would you offer equity to a social media manager? Can't you just pay him 40 a year or something ?

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As little as he's willing to take.

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0 seems fair if you can afford to just pay him

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Can you just pay him?

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Why not 16.8% just curious