How much stock is "too much"?

by andIisaorange. Posted on Sep 13, 2020    10    9

Hi all, so I have this idea for a clothing brand I want to launch. I'm in the process of market research and gathering estimates to valuate the validity of the product (both economically and in the market).

However, for what I want to do, the MOQ is 500 units. I was hoping to launch on a smaller scale (100ish units) in order to test our branding skills and the product itself, beyond the market research, should it come back positive.

So is 500 units too many? I don't want to be stuck with stock we can't shift, I'd rather be sold out than not have enough, you know?


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Rule 2

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whens its too high imo

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T shirts brands are always difficult especially today. I agree with the others try print on demand first. Also maybe try go in a bit more niche market instead of t shirts maybe.

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We're not planning just t-shirts, and we got a specific niche in mind. But print-on-demand I think will be a good starting point

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Is this couture fashion or branded shirts and other blank apparel?

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Branded shirts and other blank apparel

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Ok. The answer is any inventory is too much inventory at your stage.

Use print on demand options to rapidly test and validate your products and brand.

Once you have built up a following of repeat customers you can expand by doing larger bulk inventory orders in order to grow your profit margin.

Don't rush to invest your capital into inventory that isn't likely to sell. Your capital will be tied up and wasting away. Focus your capital towards testing, validating, marketing, and optimizing.

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Thank you

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Dont be another dumb kid starting a t shirt brand. You will fail and waste your money. Make one. Sell it. Make two more. Sell them. That is proving your concept. Stock equals cash. You want as little stock as you can get away with.