How much time do you spend with you family each day/week while running your business?

by redditguy123. Posted on Sep 14, 2020    6    5

One thing I consistently struggle with is how much time each day and week to spend with my family.

As the chief “cook and bottle washer” of my business is there is always something to do. One the other had, I want to spend as much as possible daily with my kid. But I also know if I hustle I could possibly close another deal.

I know there’s no such thing as balance...but I do wish I could have the best of both worlds.

What’s you day or week look like with your family???


Any14Coffee 1

I just posted this in another thread with a similar theme and believe it could help here too,

When people say they have no time or wish they had MORE time, its generally because they are not managing their time efficiently.

Here is what you should do, track your entire day or week, how many minutes/hours you spend on each activity including how often you check social media, choose a playlist on Spotify, watch a youtube video, read a news article, everything.

Categorise your activities into a 4 quadrant grid, Important MUST do, important can wait, Not important can wait and not important stop doing.

Then recalibrate your time to remove "not important stop doing" activities, schedule your "can wait" activities (calendar them), execute your important must-do.

Everybody can carve out at least 1 hour a day to do what they want, spend it with family.

p.s. For those that say they don't have time to track their time, then you underrate how much your time is worth, this tool is a short term investment for a long term payoff.

maybebaby001 1

I work 7 days a week and it's a never-ending struggle to balance work life with home life. I've been trying to tip the scales more towards the latter as of late, especially since my kiddo is edging into the double-digits so my time is running out. Before I know it he will be off to college. *holding back tears as I type this*

I try to wake up extra early and stay up past his bedtime to tidy up all of the work-related odds and ends, but it never seems to be enough. Owning a small business for me has been a borderline 24/7 endeavor. In our industry we have noticed clients have become increasingly unrealistic in their expectations as far as timelines go so we have to hustle because we're up against larger companies with twice the man-power. Throw in the pandemic and we just really feel fortunate to still be a viable business. So then the question becomes, do I sacrifice taking on additional clientele in an uncertain market climate or do I work extra hours/days to compensate so I can provide the best for my family? I choose the latter with the trade-off being for me that I get to drive him to school and pick him up everyday, I've never missed a school play or teacher conference and I can afford his private tutoring which is comparable to a second mortgage (ouch)! I do, however, live with this constant pit of guilt in my stomach.

Justice_TM 1

I work 7 to 5 most days, and often to paperwork or shop work at home after hours. Generally speaking though, I'm home after 5 and with the family.

Duncansport 2

It’s taken ages to get here, but I work roughly 35 hours over four days a week. I usually take Wednesday off, always leave at 5:00 and usually in by 8:00

It’s all about SOPs and incentivizing managers, have their pay plans based in performance so that it puts them in charge of their earning potential.

When my father started the business EVERYTHING had to go through him, ultimately making him the bottleneck of the businesses growth while absolutely destroying any life he had. This made it really hard to work at the family business and ultimately why I bought it from him. I knew that we could grow considerably if I could break up all his jobs, which we did.

I think as owners it’s REALLY hard to
Let go of tasks and let others take over, but it’s a must if you wish to grow.

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mike_concho 2

So I have a tiny human and its a struggle. Especially since I'm just starting out. Personally, I try to spend lunch with my family (my wife gets to come home for lunch) and then about 5:30-8 with them. That seems to be a nice balance for me.