How much to pay a “house manager” for a rental

by According-River5479. Posted on Sep 17, 2020    9    3

The rental will be used like an Airbnb so that’s why I say “house manager” because I don’t know what the popular term is.

Anyhow Right now I have a 19 year old and his friends clearing out a house I just bought in a foreclosure. I have been investing in surrounding land and plan to build more as time goes on so I’ll eventually have tenants but as of now because markets bad, not diving into tenancy yet.

Anywho....I pay him per project so right now it’s clearing junk (Paying total $600 for that And he pays his friends whatever he can convince them to work for lol). He can also sell whatever he thinks can sell. First project was to put on new sturdy doors. Paid him $50 for that. I have a bit more to do but I think making him a house manager would be appropriate. Minimum wage is $10 hourly but for projects I just throw out a price

Just not sure what to pay per job (job being when guests stay and then when they leave)

Going rate per night is $175 but I’m going to dwindle it down to $100 starting.

Tasks would just be set up for guests (put out towels, coffee bar, guest book, make up beds). And then clean up after ( wash everything, basic clean down, small repairs if needed)

I have an Airbnb (a studio) myself but I live close to this one so do everything myself.


Auresma 1

20-30% if they do everything is usually the going rate for Airbnb management companies. (Listings, cleaning, turnover, etc)

DubbleDee420 1

Think of him as any regular employee. If you put out an ad actually searching for a (actual term is) Facilities Manager. What do you think would be reasonable on a weekly basis? If its, say, $200 a week, then break it down into hourly or "per job".

So cleaning the house could be $10/hr. Mowing the lawn (depending on size) could be $30-$40 flat rate. Replacing a door could be $40-$50 flat rate. Just look at him as an employee of yours first.

CrimsonScorpio9 14

I clean a 3/2 Airbnb after each guest and am paid $85 each time. The owners maintain the house so it’s not often I have to repair anything. I wash towels/sheets/bath mats, clean everything, make beds, place towels on racks, refill soap dispensers, and alert the owner when supplies are low. They have someone to mow and have a pool cleaner once a week, so I don’t have to deal with those.

Hope that helps.