How much to pay for a logo design?

by JennaDee123. Posted on Sep 12, 2020    2    28

I am having someone design me a logo for my Etsy shop, but she is charging me $20. I don't know how these prices work. Would you say that is a good price to pay for a logo? ♡



Spend $100-200 for an online contest. Get hundreds of responses some much better than I could imagine. Do it for every business and get the vector/so file so able to edit

xAvi_r 1

You really think that a 100 logos contest for $200 will bring more qualitative logo than a $20?

PrimaryWarning 1

Depends if you know exactly what you want or not. We do this all the time and comment on the ones we like then other duplicate to make it better. Competition is way better

ERNesbitt 1

I'm going to agree with the "If this is going to be the face of your business" crowd. $20 won't get you much unless it's someone who either owes you a favor or really likes you.What you should be getting when you pay for a logo: 1) Unique branding custom to your business - no stock imagery an no cookie-cutter templates. 1.1) Appropriate iconography or typography for your business. i.e. Don't use Comic Sans for high-end luxury items. 2) The ability to critique and revise the design before accepting and/or multiple options to choose from in different styles and colors. 3) Full usage rights, no liens, they won't ever duplicate or template your design for someone else. 4) Looks good in multiple formats/layouts e.g. monochrome, black & white, small print, large billboard 5) The final file(s) in a vector format that can be resized and reused as-needed should you want to use it for print, web, signage, business cards, etc.This is the identity of your business. It should be unique, legally yours with no ties back to the original artist, identifiable, and easy to use for your entire business needs. You don't want to pay a print shop to redraw your logo for business cards or worse get into a trademark claim with someone who has a strikingly similar logo.That said, a good logo design will run you $200 or more, easily. If you have to pay someone else to redraw it later or it won't print at any resolution, it will end up costing you more in the long run.

cre8something 1

$300 and it’s great!

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$5 off of
I paid about $50 for the advance options

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I paid over $300 for every piece of branding I've ever had for my company.

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I just paid $63 on Fiverr for one I love.

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Make sure you look at their portfolio of $20 logos before going through. You could easily pay up to a few hundred dollars for a good one. Companies spend thousands at higher levels

LLx3 1

$20 is cheap, you can opt for it if you are just starting out. Clarify with the creator if they are creating unique logo for you and whether they allow any edits if you don't like their initial design? When your business is starting to do well, you can rebrand yourself again.

  JennaDee123 2

I want to add I am a very small business, I don’t plan on making thousands and thousands of dollars. It’s just something I am doing to put money into my savings. I don’t really care if it’s generic or not. I am having it personalized to say my shop name and something to do with my shop. I don’t really mind having an extremely complicated and unique logo, just something simple and minimal.

atomic_cow 2

It depends on what you want. If you spend $20 and get something you're ok with for a while that is fine. $20 is a small investment if you have an unproven product.

But if your shop goes big your going to want to upgrade because a $20 logo is most likely going to not be very custom.

I would not charge anything less than $500 for a full custom logo and branding pack. I would include a branding guide, logo vectors, logo pngs in a few colors for use in social/diff backgrounds, social banners/identity.

If you don't need a $500 logo then that is totally fine. Build your business up and then get to that point when you will want more expensive branding.

Lloydwrites 2

I got an excellent logo that I've been very happy with for 5 years for $250 through Actually, I think it was somebody they bought out, but it's guru now. You can spend more, or you can spend less, but I thought it was an excellent deal for how professional the designer was and the quality of the work.

rilloroc 2

I paid about 200 for mine. Came with paperwork guaranteeing that it was original and I had sole rights to it. And also the vector files. Atleast I think that's what they were called. It's been a while.

lacadasical 2

I’ve done websites for 10 years now and the cheapest logo designer I’ve ever found that was original (didn’t steal logos which is what most $20 logos are) and did quality work was $600.

If you’re just starting out and don’t have much to invest I can understand wanting to go cheap and test the waters. If you need a recommendation PM me. I don’t do logos but I have purchased enough to have my go-to’s in each price bracket.

xAvi_r 5

I created an online logo maker, we're charging between $39 and $79 for a full branding pack with logo automatically generated.
We also do custom designs for $549 where you have a designer actually creating a logo for you and giving you all the exclusivity rights.

I agree with the other comments, with a less than few hundreds dollars you'll have a non unique symbol or a clipart logo. That can be fine if you just want to test something.

If you want a serious branding, then go for a custom work!

atomic_cow 2

Woah I would love to take a look at this. As a designer I'm always trying to gather info on ideas. Sounds like a really great idea to make a logo generator. You capture the low end of people who don't need anything fancy at no extra work, and you also can convert people if they want something more.

xAvi_r 1

I sent you a DM!

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I just imagined you DM-ing the poor guy with some mobster-like "don't you DARE mess with my business and market share...!" I reckon its nothing of the sort, but had a good chuckle for a second there - hope you do too.

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Ahaha :)
Not all designers are logo makers!

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You will have a $20 logo.

SovietBackhoe 8

Nope. No guarantee someone else doesn’t have the same logo

Your logo is going to be the face of your brand for awhile. Pay more, get it done right. You’re paying for risk mitigation, trade marks, and expertise. Not graphic design.

When I did logos I would charge in the thousands.

Edit: I should mention that it’s possible to get lucky with a 20$ logo, but I’ve found that graphic designers that make logos this cheap often template their design and sell extremely similar designs to several companies.

Fictional-adult 3

While $20 is cheap, “thousands” is pretty extreme, and even expensive graphic designers can still get lazy and give you something that’s not unique. A company I used to work at paid top dollar to have their logo redone, and ended up with something that was nearly an exact match for the Chicago Tribune.

Personally I’d hop on Fiverr and ask for something specific. Say you want the letters JD with a knitted pattern on a blanket. Something like that. As long as you’re not ambiguous, you’ll avoid getting handed a reused design.

SovietBackhoe 3

I’d usually be around $2k cdn, give or take. Companies aren’t paying for a logo, they pay more for insurance that the job is done right.

If you’re wrapping your vehicles with the logo and printing tens of thousands of business cards and then it turns out you did it wrong, it can cost hundreds of thousands to fix the mistake.

daisuki_janai_desu 4

When we started our, $150 was our average. That was basically using stock images to create the design. Now that we do custom work, our price is closer to $3-400 depending on complexity. At $20 you're probably getting a student and Google images/clip art with your name slapped on it.

notfromvenus42 6

That's extremely cheap and will probably be very generic, but if you're just getting started and just need something to put on your label, that's probably fine.

jellyfishwrist 16

You get what you pay for.

xAvi_r 4

Not sure this really apply to the logo market...

Logo is a pretty weird product in terms of pricing. You can have one for any price you want. From 0 (hatchful) to several hundreds of thousands dollars...

I saw some very decent work for a few hundreds and a very shitty one for few thousands :)

That being said, of course, for $20 you get rarely a good one!