How people deal with first launch nerves?

by sovioletarentyou. Posted on Sep 16, 2020    0    5

Hey everyone. We're launching our product Loft ( using a public beta service but I'm getting a little scared of the launch. I understand launch again and again to make that market fit and the feedback is really important but...

We meet our goals for the MVP but whenever I look at the big picture and what it should be doing / what people really want / what's on the market , I can't help but feel that there's such a massive gap of what we need to do to get there. The MVP frankly, needs a ton of work and the test users let us know that almost daily. Things don't work and constantly break and AAAAA.

How do other start ups deal with their first launches? And what lessons do you have to share?


foo13 2

I think I read it in the Lean Startup book that if you're not truly embarrassed by your MVP, then you've done too much work and launched too late.

The fact that you have users giving you feedback on a daily basis is perhaps a measure of success in itself. They're obviously interested in the product if they're willing to use it even when it's constantly breaking.

Launch, feedback, iterate, repeat.

AH_Eunan 2

If your production deployment doesn’t fail at some point, you haven’t written enough tests to tell you where the problems are. Don’t sweat it just deal with the issues as they come and it will turn out okay good luck

RyanMatonis 5

You’re gonna fail. Get over it.

Those are the first two steps to succeeding.

OptimalInflation 1

This really resonated with me as well. I guess I needed to hear it as well, so thanks for that!

  sovioletarentyou 2

Thank you. I needed someone to tell me this.