How to approach company for selling my software

by harsh52. Posted on Sep 12, 2020    0    10

Hello everyone, I made a website/app which will be helpful for investigating agency for finding criminals.

Anyone have any idea how to approach then to sell my software.

Any links / connection will be very helpful.

Thank you.


r0bbyr0b2 1

Finding the owners on those companies in LinkedIn is the approach I would do. Then message them listing their “problem” and how you offer a solution.

  harsh52 1

Yes, current I am implementing this method, but the problem is they doesn't take it seriously.

Any precise advice?

r0bbyr0b2 1

If they don’t take it seriously then you have either not explained it well enough or they’re isn’t a “problem” in their business that needs solving.

Business owners are busy, they have problems and need solutions. Quickly and easily. What problem does your business actually solve?

KlutzyResponsibility 1

Prove its efficacy by selling it to some bail bondsmen?

  harsh52 2

Can I write a research paper and publish it on good journal for efficiency and quality??

KlutzyResponsibility 1

I suppose so, but would that really help you market the package to private investigators, bondsmen, insurance companies, and police departments? Am I missing something or would that not be the product's market? A research paper might help support sales to governmental and educational markets and maybe be support fodder in sales; but wouldn't they ask for empirical data and real-world results next?

Like saying 'would you make a similar investment in a theoretical product who's creator wrote a paper about it - or invest in software which has been proven by Agency A and Agency B to be beneficial in their investigative work?'

  harsh52 1

Yeah, that's a good point.

Can you give me some more precise tips how to approach the company?

  harsh52 1

I made an algorithm which can able to find/search culprits/criminals just by looking at the pictures, by using CCTV camera at public place.

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