How to choose a business name?

by Pulldunker. Posted on Sep 11, 2020    0    6


I was wondering how to name a business properly?

▪︎It's physical goods, and by that I mean repair of sports equipment (Ice hockey specific atm, but can/will scale in the future).

▪︎New hockey equipment will also be sold in the future. Can scale into other sports as well.

▪︎Marketing will be local and nationwide (Sweden). Internationally only if it does well enough in Sweden (wrong mindset here?).

My own takeaways:

▪︎Repair of equipment will be my number one product, and will be for the first years.

▪︎Will be "easy" to scale into golf and floorball for example, as it goes hand-in-hand interest-wise for the typical hockey player. And that integration of those sports might come sooner than later.

▪︎If I go hockey-specific in the name branding it's harder/impossible to scale into other sports.

But at the same time, if I go sport-generic-branding it might be harder to market if I only will be doing repairs in the beginning (first few years if all goes well).

▪︎Will I pick a Swedish name for the purpose of only being present here, or an "international name" for easier scale in the future?

▪︎Website will be in both Swedish and English.

Sorry for the long post, any input you may have will be much helpful.




Use whatever name you want

Piccoleti 2

Something short which can be remembered/spelled easily.

MaxPast 2

I usually use, got my company name from it this time :)
Even if you don't get anything perfect, you will still get much more ideas as the result.

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also check whether the domain name is available

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Do not overthink on such a small issue. I suggest you pick some general name in your field or something utterly dumb like “ProforPro’s”. You get the idea.

While working and building the business you will either come up with a fitting name and change it (opportunity for huge marketing campaign) or stick with your original because of recognition.

The product/service is important, name is not. Unless it is Popocatepetl...wait what