How to Create your Vision?

by Jaxxxtentacion. Posted on Sep 11, 2020    1    2

Hello everyone,

I am an amateur inventor, with a background in finance and real estate. I have a couple ideas I've fleshed out and think would make solid products, however, I am finding I do not really know how to bring them to life and create them. For example, one idea deals with coin reading technology and display- a technology I know exists but I do not know how to incorporate with my product or how to create it myself.

Is there a good resource to use to find people/companies for a wide array of products? How did you go about finding someone to help you create your early products?




Chang_Throwaway 1

The first part of your question I can't answer since I don't understand what you are asking.

For the second part, find out what companies make a comparable product to what you are looking to build and then find out which employees on LinkedIn are responsible for building it. Try to find people with their title to help you build your own product, offer an equity split and have them (even though mostly pointless) sign an NDA before you discuss your invention.

Putrid-Excitement 2

imo most people are a scam, or they can't offer you the right expertise. The top 1% pro nba player (5 points per game) is much better than the average pro player(<5 per game). The top .001% (30 per game) is much better than the 0.1% (15 points per game). Too statistical, but the saying 'there are levels to this game' is the point.

I believe you need to find the top 1% guy that offers a barebones package, for a high price, but he knows he's the top 1% and his barebones work is better than a lesser persons full work.

First, I would consider making some CAD drawings and show it to some people. Tweak it to their recomendations until you get something that a slew of them want. You get some level of customer validation. Then find a prototype maker that you trust is high level, and find a marketing firm or freelancers. Get a free state sponsored mentor/advisors, accountants, get some consultants/advisors, marketing freelancers. Get your team together and make sure they are the navy seals of teams. Then get them to bring you up to speed, and start doing things by the textbook way so to speak. And develop your skills, make mistakes and make the right moves. Later on you will develop the right skills and be fullying going ad making smart moves and pushing forward.