How to find a cofounder who can handle marketing and business while I handle tech?

by mczarnek. Posted on Sep 12, 2020    0    11

I've stumbled across a way to make a new programming language that is higher performance than C++ yet also more productivity than most languages out there.

I'd like to focus on the tech side of things while I get a business guy to focus on the marketing and people side of things. How would I go about finding the right person? Anyone interested?


Rossim0 1

Me, I run a technology firm while my parter is the CTO and handles the tech. As CEO I manage the business, sales, marketing and hiring. With his technology and my busines savvy we have grown the business to 20 employees and are a leader in our industry in the US. Message me, always looking for a new opportunity.

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Hey, please join us for small-group networking meet-ups!

JaiKai7777 1

It's one thing to have programming language but do you have a product? How much money is needed for this startup and how will it be funded?

  mczarnek 1

MVP is a work in progress. Have found a small investor willing to give enough that I should be able to finish it and throw together a website. Then need help on both the finding further investment and marketing front as I turn the MVP into a full fledged product.

SheddingCorporate 3

I used to be a software engineer. Worked in Canada and in the Silicon Valley. Three separate times, I co-founded startups where I did the coding and the partner (a different one each time) was supposed to do the marketing ... each time, I created a viable product, the “marketing” never happened. So ... meh. I learned marketing and now have a marketing agency.

I would recommend not giving away ownership to anyone who invests nothing but promises of something that needs to be delivered after the product is ready. Write up a legal agreement if you do partner up, get the lawyers involved.

  mczarnek 1

Do you have time these days? Software engineer with startup and marketing experience would be a nice addition to the team.

I like the idea of vested equity to prevent exactly that scenario and actually already have a contact prepared for that.

SheddingCorporate 1

Oh my! Thanks for the offer, but no, thank you. I’m really focused on running my agency right now and growing it. I wouldn’t feel right taking on another partnership venture right now ... it would do you no good and would split my focus.

That said, if you want us to come in and help with business strategy and marketing strategy as a paid gig, I’m more than happy to help! Just drop me a DM when you’re ready. (Actually, that’s probably going to work better for you anyway - you shouldn’t need to give away equity in exchange for marketing!)

rewardsthroway 7

I own a marketing agency and all I have to say is BE VERY CAREFUL. There are so many marketing and business ops people out there that are total shams but can use metrics to their favor and you would never have a clue until it's too late.

Do a lot of vetting, start meeting with your local startup groups to gain knowledge, and whatever you do, DO NOT RUSH.

  mczarnek 1

Appreciate the advice.. will have to make sure I have first hand access to some of the analytics. Definitely will be paying attention to the Google analytics statistics.

Unfortunately Corona makes meeting people a little tricky at the moment.

rewardsthroway 2

I hope you have a deep understanding of analytics. That can be easily manipulated as well.

  mczarnek 1

You're right, it's easy to send fake people to a website. I know a couple tricks to figure it out but thank you for advice. I'll be careful.

When have you seen this in action? I believe it, but can't say I've heard of this one before.