How to go about developing a business card and logo?

by commoditylad. Posted on Sep 12, 2020    0    8

I sell handmade apparel- right now, all I have in stock are beaded stretch bracelets. But I will soon have the necklaces, earrings, cellphone cases, and shirts I've designed, in stock. But what's in stock isn't what I'm worried about.

I'm an Instagram based (for now) small business, and would like to include a business card, thank you note, and a sticker of my logo with every order. My niche is that everything in stock is themed. And everything coincidentally requires an adhesive to make, so I have "cleave" in my business' name. Which is all sort of tricky to come up with a representative logo for.

I have the means, but no tangible concept art or templates.

So far, I've handwritten thank you notes and media handles, but I'm at the point where I've made enough to make business cards and thank you cards at home without losing profit. I'd like my packages to to be more professional than index cards and ink that may have gotten rained on and smudged.

So what do I put on my business card? As an internet-based business. Is anonymity a good or bad idea (should I include my name)? Can you think of any logos that make sense? (And make a cool sticker?)

I'm sorry if this seems as though I'm looking for strangers to do all my work, but I'm trying to get as many ideas as I can before I make a rookie mistake.

Thank you, all!


FinishLineElectric 1

I like Fiverr for logo design.

artopedia 1

Hey, I'm an expert designer with the experience of 5 year with a long list of satisfied customers.

If you need a logo/business card I'll be very happy to provide one!

My previous works :

uberprioritymail 2

I’ve used Etsy for my logo needs. There are many options out there - premade templates, original designs, fun designs, minimalist designs, etc.

Mysterious_Phrase 2

I like to keep it more anonymous on the card design and receipt itself but include a handwritten note on them. For a logo, you could try fiverr, logolo, 99 designs. Lots of options out there just depends on your needs. My shot in the dark idea for a logo, maybe have the words in your company logo look like they're adhering to each other? Good luck!

sizl 2

Check out 99 designs. You pay a flat rate of $300 and let designers bid. They post their concepts and you choose the winner. I’ve done two logos like this. It’s not the best but it’s better than the alternative of paying one person thousands of dollars.

Most of the designers are not native English speakers though. The trick is to give lots of guidance on what you want. They can’t read your mind but they are willing to work for the money. There are similar services out there as well. Good luck.

mrjinglesturd 2

Ive used 99designs for two logos, very happy

Bdaniels230 2 their quality has improved significantly and they are rather cheap

MickChicken2 2

There a few online companies like 99designs that you can find someone to make you logos, icons etc.