How to keep consistent growth as a small e-commerce shop?

by ridebrainwave. Posted on Sep 09, 2020    5    1

Just launched our website and out first collection on Friday (we are an apparel company) and I was wondering how to keep consistent traffic on both our social media and our website. What are the most impactful marketing/engagement strategies? Anything would be a great help, thanks!


jbcdigital 1

Build a community. A community of people that love your products. Keep engaging with them by replying to their comments and DM's.Tell your brand story. Help users connect with your brand. This will make them choose you over 1000 other companies doing the same thing again and again. Turn them from cold leads into raving fans. Building a brand is the most important thing.Why do most people buy Nike/Adidas? Because they have successfully built a brand and provide quality products. Here is how the cycle should look -

Stranger > Follower > Customer > Fan > Super fan

To get people into your "Fan funnel" use paid ads, influencer marketing, content marketing etc to provide value to your community. When you give something of value to them you are more likely to receive something in return. Once you build a brand you will start getting consistent growth/sales from your fans without spending money then you can take a part of profits form these sales and spend it to get more people into your Fan funnel.

Best of luck with your venture!