How to make your business grow again after everything was/is going downwards?

by PhoenixForm1996. Posted on Sep 11, 2020    1    1

To get to the point: My sales have dropped VERY HARD. I started my instagram business last year in june and after 9 months of hard work without making any money my book sales have skyrocketed. However, in the past weeks everything is going downwards. I did less organic advertising which is one reason why my sales dropped but it seems that even with advertising I can't make my sales go up.

No, I haven't started with coachings and yes, I'm aware that books will not do well forever. In fact, my books aren't doing too bad but ever since people are less paranoid about corona it seems they're less interested in books.

My questions:

  1. How did you handle such experiences in the past and how could you improve? (most important question!)
  2. If anyone here has experience with an instagram business: What was the most profitable good you offered?
  3. A bit off topic: How can I stop stressing myself over that? Actually I don't have to worry but knowing that you still live at your parents house at the age of 24 sucks which is why I push myself so much to make more money because I finally want to be independent.

Thank you in advance!


MaxPast 2

I experienced almost the same situation and feelings when I was 24 and it really seemed like the end of the world. Now I'm 41 and I'm truly jelaous about your age and how much time you actually have got to fix anything in your life and don't make mistakes I made :)

So, relax and think about how young you actually are and how much you can achieve with a little bit of persistence. Don't rush, just move one step at a time into the right direction and you will go really far in a year, then will become unbeatable in 3-5 years. You will always be unhappy about how little you achieved in a day but you will be pleasantly surprised about how much you can achieve in a month.

The only question here is how to choose this "right direction", and the only answer is evolution. You can't decide where are you going at the very beginning because there is not enough information. But, if you treat your choice as a temporary one and adjust your direction on a daily basis, you will eventually find your way.

Here is how it works: you start your days with a short diagnosis of your current situation, develop a short plan for the day, then execute it. But the most important part isn't the execution itself but evening analysis of your diagnosis, plan and actions. Try to dig deeper into what you achieved and what mistakes you made in planning and execution, then take them into account when planning the next day.

It sounds simple, but it actually works because this way you evolve really fast as a decision maker. And, if you learn more about decision making from Daniel Kahneman's "Thinking: Fast and Slow", you will achieve anything you want in your life :)