How to Monetize Passion / Skillset in “Dying” Industries

by YoungSchloop. Posted on Sep 14, 2020    1    6

To keep it brief, I’m extremely passionate about golf and classic / international movies. The two are not related in any way, but through life experience and genuine enjoyment of anything related to either, I’m extremely knowledgeable within each field. This is not to boast (not that it’s something even worth boasting about;) rather, just to point out that these are the two niche subjects that I’m equal parts informed and interested in.

Both golf courses and movie theaters have seen a decrease in attendance over the past several years. However, from being socially immersed in these communities, I know that both have an increasing number of 15-25 year olds (I’m 22) discovering, participating in, and rebranding these markets. This is not to say that growth is limited to the Gen Z’ers, but from my personal observations it’s where the most promising leads within each industry seem to lie.

I’m looking for any direction on how to monetize a product or service within one or both of these fields. Not that this is a ground-breaking observation, but the only major, recurrent “problem” I’ve heard from people within these hobby groups (and most any hobby, I would imagine) is not having enough time (to play more golf or watch more movies) or money (to play more golf or buy more movies). This doesn’t seem like something that is necessarily possible to provide a “solution” for — especially in a small business / start-up sense. So if someone would be willing to share any general advice or specific thoughts related to the above, I’d really appreciate it.

Worth noting that I have a full time job but don’t always work 40+ hrs a week so I have a reasonable amount of time and money to put towards this project.

Thanks in advance.


caem123 1

Convergence. Often money is made by converging a new industry with an old industry. Like Uber converging cell phones with taxis.

The YouTube recommendation is a good fit. Youtuber MeetKevin has a course (affordable) to learn how he makes a ton of money.

I haven't taken MeetKevin's advice for Youtube but for other topics and he literally has made me thousands of dollars. MeetKevin is a gem.

mike_concho 2

You could also go a slightly different route than YouTube and do a podcast. Way less competition in that field and may match your target audience well.

lost_in_life_34 2

Be a YouTuber and make videos about your passions

  YoungSchloop 1

I have considered this, but the Youtube community for anything movie-related is incredibly saturated. There seems to be a new channel every day.

With golf I think there is less competition in the online creative media space, but also significantly less demand. Anything I’ve considered as content for golf videos would likely take more time than it’s worth and not provide any commentary that isn’t already available elsewhere.

I think Youtube may be a better solution for people in industries that are new and / or still growing, where there is less new information available as a result.

I’ll still keep Youtube in mind for sure. Thanks for your comment.

lost_in_life_34 2

Depending where you are you can always visit former theater spots and talk about it

Or start a channel discussing classic movies. Chances are you can catch some detail others have missed