How to pull demographic data?

by Sherz_. Posted on Sep 11, 2020    1    1

Hi everyone,

Can anyone please help me find out how I can find for example where professionals aged 20-35 in the city reside or spend most of their time? Or for example where I can find the most people that follow Certain topic in a certain radius in the city?

Thank you!


Douseigh 1

Couple sources...

Use the 2017 national household travel survey and crosstab by age

Look at your local MPO maps website. Baltimore metro council has that data on a map already but I assume you aren't from here. However they are federal required to do similar analyses nationaly in each metro area.

Look at Esri living atlas map layers

For small area estimate use the Gridded Population of the World v4 website. I actually have a website where I gathered resources, go to demographics section. Lmk if u need more help