How to reach companies organically?

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Hi all!

So I've read a few of the posts on this sub and basically set up all my online platforms (website, Facebook, instagram). My business aims to offer virtual ergonomic services as more and more employees are working from home and developing work- related pain. As I mentioned I set up all social media platforms and now I want to reach small to medium sized companies to offer my service. Would you guys recommend spending a ton in advertising at first to really get the name going or would you cold call/email companies that would be a perfect fit for my business model?

Thanks as always!


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It’s not exactly an either/or. Good marketing is all about throwing a whole lot of things against the wall and seeing what sticks. Then once you figure out what works, 10x your effort in that channel.

Initially focus on the free and inexpensive options. Get a presence on Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. build a decent website. Write some content. Add some blogs. Learn how to write SEO optimized content that ranks.

After the basics, AdWords may be feasible depending on your margins. Facebook funnel seems lucrative for this type of company. Maybe LinkedIn ads? Keep blogging weekly and sharing it to your network. Retarget website visitors. This is all pull strategy stuff and there are plenty of other avenues to explore too.

Sales is likely going to be needed to at least get things rolling. Outreach on LinkedIn with follow up phone calls and emails may be a good place to start. Good old prospecting and cold calling still works but it’s a grind.

Organic takes lots of time and energy to scale but it should be done in parallel with paid advertisement that offers ROI.

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Thanks for the feedback!

I'm very new to developing web-related content. I've never had a big social media presence even as a millennial, so I'm not very familiar with it all. I found some introductory info on creating SEO content but if you had any specific tips (books or other) you could recommend that would be great!

I also just launched my website Ergo Assist and based the layout on what I thought were great looking websites. Having said this, how do I optimize my rank if the content on the website itself isn't changing much?

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Keep adding valuable content. Service pages. Blog posts etc. it needs to be relevant and able to rank on its own. Do keyword research and identify target long tail keywords with lower difficulty that you have an initial chance of ranking for. Start with low hanging fruit that’s easy to rank for which will improve your overall site authority. Eventually move into harder to rank for keywords as your authority improves as do your SEO writing skills.

Share each post on social media as well. Use an auto poster like Buffer, OneUp, hubspot, etc. to save time and hit multiple channels.

Fully complete all your social profiles. Fill in all the services and product details etc.

You’re never done. It builds slowly but requires continuous work and maintenance. 100s of pages and posts eventually.

You don’t just build a single one page website and poof, magically it ranks.