How to select a target market for a web development agency?

by canarysplit. Posted on Sep 15, 2020    0    2

I don't have any prior connections to any industry and I don't have any specific personal preference towards one.

I'm trying to find a market more pragmatically, by finding which market is being underserved or where is a gap in supply and demand. How should I obtain that information? I've tried reading some Gartner reports, but I didn't have any luck.

Should I follow that path or is there any other better way?


ILikeChangingMyMind 1

It seems to me this will be a highly localized market, so I'm not sure reports will be helpful.

Maybe you should just start by offering reduced cost services to whoever you can find (eg. friends and family) ... then learn whatever industry(ies) they're in, and see if others in that industry need work?

  canarysplit 1

I don't want to target the local market since I live in a small country. I'm looking to penetrate the US or bigger European market.