How to start a instagram marketing agency

by Vipul5647. Posted on Sep 16, 2020    1    4

Basically I am 18 and I want to start a instagram marketing agency but don't know where to start


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To really start a business you will need to be able to state that you have experience growing instagram following and back that up with numbers/results/examples.

If you don’t have that, start approaching local small businesses and tell them you will do it for free/a very low rate. It’s a win-win because they can get marketing for low-cost/low-risk and you can start to build your brand, experience, and portfolio for business. Most small business owners want to focus on their actual business, not social media, yet social media is so important for the growth and success of many businesses. This means you should definitely be able to find someone willing to collaborate with you if you present them this offer as a portfolio-building opportunity for you.

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Do you have experience growing a Instagram?

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No I don't but would like learn on the way

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Well before you can start an agency you’re need to be able to prove you can grow an account so start there