How to use FB Marketplace for selling a service?

by FreelancerChurch. Posted on Sep 15, 2020    0    2

FB Marketplace is supposed to only be for physical products. But a lot of people use it, and I want to be able to promote my services & my clients' services there. I don't mean to say I want to violate their policies... but on the other hand they say services are not allowed, but I find services when I search -- music lessons, writing services, web design, etc.

In any case, I feel like there must be something I'm missing. FB provides this platform for selling physical products, but what's the platform where users can browse services by category? (i.e. similar to craigslist). Obviously we can sell services through a FB business page, but FB doesn't have any equivalent to the SERVICES section of craigslist, for example.

It's painful to see the little Marketplace icon at FB where everyone could find my services if there was some way for them to search for services like mine (Content writing to build web presence for my clients - research-based, keyword-rich articles/posts with the most useful information I can find for my client's target audience).

I know one method is to 'productize' a service so the service can be sold in the form of a physical product - so I guess I could take a picture of a printout of some writing and sell it as a product, but it might be confusing for buyers.

I was up most of last night researching around about "Shops" on marketplace. It seems "shops"is a work in progress. You can add a shop to your FB business page. I was hoping I could use a shop to sell a service, but it's not looking like I can. Anyone have wisdom to share?

  1. When I go to Marketplace I see a tab for "Stores". Does that mean the same thing as "Shops"? When I search Google to find out about FB "stores" all the results are about the shops instead. So I'm uncertain what "stores" refers to in FB marketlace, but I would like to get one! I do know how to set up a shop, but I wonder if that is different from a store.
  2. What's your best advice for someone who wants to use Facebook sell a service? I don't like using ad campaigns. I want to post ads in places where they will be found by people who are actually looking for someone to hire right now. That's very different from paying for an ad to interrupt their feed while they scroll. I always want to think about where people will look when they want to hire someone for writing service, and I try to be there so they can find me. I really would like to be there in the FB Marketplace search results.

Thanks!! Give me advice and I'll owe you a favor.


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Kyerswa 1

My advice would be to join groups that fit the demographic you’re targeting, and start networking. Post frequently, preferably on posts that the mods are active on. Visibility is key, as name recognition is important in attracting buyers, as well as referral opportunities. Join 5-10 groups per day, and try to stick within your target geography.

Second, don’t advertise, display knowledge in your area of expertise. Post informational items about your successes with your startup, offers to help others achieve their goals, and once you make a name for yourself and people like you, ask for referrals for your business. Once they trust you, people are incredibly willing to help you succeed.

Edit: sorry if this doesn’t answer your question, but after years struggling to find buyers in niche sales, I wish I would’ve understood the power of referral networks cultivated through social media