How to verify your data?

by Alilpups. Posted on Sep 15, 2020    16    7

Sorry if this has been asked before, I’m pretty new here. So far I’ve done my market and user research online, I used multiple source to confirm it’s credibility but are there better ways to validate whatever data I get from third party website is credible? Says this blog or some news site stated how many % of users are behaving in this way in a study, but how do I verify it?




tarankhalsa 2

So most of the Report are a Collation of Primary and Secondary Research.

Even the best Reports in the world charging $10k and above have a marginal error of 10-20%.

So the rule of the thumb is to collate from different sources, use guesstimates with reasonable assumptions to reach to expected outcomes.

arub 3

Peer review and / or independent studies with the similar results

_unavailable_ 16

Probably by reading the research paper yourself.

johnnybear9 5

Yup. Who wrote the study, why did they write it (if it was sponsored, was there a conflict of interest?), what methods did they use, how large was the sample size?

_unavailable_ 7

Is it peer-reviewed? What journal was it published in?