How would I go about selling Legal Leads?

by matthewesp. Posted on Sep 11, 2020    0    3

About a month ago, I made a mock up website for a Chicagoland Personal Injury Law Firm, to showcase in my portfolio for a prospect a while back. This included Domain and Hosting. I used this site to test out SEO and Backlink Building.

I forgot about the website for a while until 3 days ago when I checked the emails for the websites. I noticed that the website was actually generating leads. Around 10-15 hot leads a day.

When I checked the Google Search Console. I noticed it was at the 4th-5th spot on most niche keywords for Chicago.

Is there any way to sell these leads, are they valuable? Or the possibility to sell the website?

I understand 12 leads a day can mean \~360 leads a month and closing atleast 10 of those leads could be serious profit, and these are hot leads so the closing rate would be higher than the 2-3% standard..

I'd love to get any opinions on anyone else who buys/sells hot leads?


Millionaire_ 1

Hot legal leads could go for $10 - $100 per lead. You're sitting on a goldmine if you can get the right lead buyers.

hawaiianryanree 1

Yep. Sellable. Most likely scenario would be that your offered a "compensation" based KPI.

Give me x leads, whichever I close, ill pay for.

NEGATIVE. law firms run HUGE BUDGETS for ppc / seo, especially in Chicago. I see Personal Injury as being a competitive keyword, so as long as those leads aren't trash, you can sell them for good money.

I dont know the typical cost per qualified lead for that industry, but it should be around $50, I would imagine.

If out of those 10-15 daily leads, lets say 40% are qualified / meet the right criteria for the prospective buyer (of the leads).

Lets say, out of the maths you suggested, out of 360 leads, 40%, were qualified. thats 144 QL's.

Lets say you dump them at a bargain price. $10 / lead.

Thats still $1,440 dollars clean coming to your doorstep every month for something you didnt even plan :D

And $10, Is a STEAL, in my opinion.


To close a deal liek this, you simply need to speak with a prospective client and ask.

What does a qualified lead look like to you, and how can I classify the inbound leads im getting to fit to your CRM / SQL (sales qualified lead) criteria?

Would you be interested in also, buying the MQL's (Marketing Qualified leads), for say $2 / lead? (they may not be as promising, but still can be nurtured with content / follow ups to turn it into an SQL, or even a sale)


If they know what they are doing, they'll come back with something like:

- Demographic fits:

- Type of sales factors: (is it urgent, they have a court date, or industry specific characteristics of that lead, which are very valuable to them)

- Communication style / indicators of high quality prospects:


As well as a few other quantifiable / black and white factors that you can "rate" your leads.



But just keep in mind. Your goal is longevity. Its possible all 15 of you daily leads are trash.

And after 1 month, they close 0.

And another, 0.

Then they'll stop.


So, before I do anything. Id actually work closely with a law firm. Give them 50 leads for free.

And get feedback on the quality.


This is an easy way to 1) correctly price your leads. 2) get potential prospects.


Right now you have a surplus of leads, that literally devalue EVERY DAY.

So they are being wasted.


Good problem to have though :)

mondaysbest 1

Yes you can definitely sell those leads. You could sell them to an affiliate marketing firm that will resell them to a law firm, but you could also just reach out to some law firms directly and make a deal