I am a 20 something year old person

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Hi, I am a 20 something year old person. I am from a third world country. I have always been interested in earning money online since 2012. I started a blog, to earn money from ads, turns out I am not much of a writer. Started an online delivery business in my country, also tried a website development and social media agency in my country, did Dropshipping for a few months, did some micro tasks from Pico workers, tried transcription. I even bought Tai Lopez courses on SMMA. But I still haven't gotten something that works for me. I have been able though to sell on Facebook groups.

And coming from a third world country, changing my mindset is a daily routine and finding information that is helpful to me is not easy.

Can anyone that has had some success online offer me some advice.

This is much appreciated.


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First of all: In todays world it doesn’t matter where you from or how old you are. Things can change in a blink of an eye.

If I had to share 3 tips on how you are going to make it it would be these:

  • Don‘t focus on earning money first. Focus on your product or service. Think about how you can improve it every day and how you will be better than others.

  • Find something that solves a problem for your costumers and stick with it. The only reason to switch is if there is no demand at all for your service. Otherwise give it some time and let it grow.

  • keep working on your mindset. You mentioned you are already doing it which is very good. Keep going, keep learning. Ask yourself every day if you made a step in the right direction. If yes be grateful and keep going. If no just say to yourself that tomorrow will be better.

    I hope I was able to help you!

    I have faith that you are going to make it!
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Hi, thank you for your reply. How do you go about finding a product or service that solves a problem? What steps do you take. For me I am passionate about online Entrepreneurship. How do you go about it if it's online.


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In the general approach there is no difference between online or not online. Its not likely that you are going to reinvent the wheel. Instead of trying that look at your competitors or at other products on the market. Then ask yourself 2 questions:

  • how can I improve the existing product?
  • how do the manufacture costs change with my improvement?

    If you can improve a product and bring more value than your competitors while not drastically increasing the development costs you have a good change of makeing an impact with your service.

    After that it is about getting attention, you can have the best service or product in the world. If nobody knows about it nobody will buy it.
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*Disclaimer I have not make any success yet, but I want to tell you something.


I have the same challenges you have "except I am three years older xD ". I have been trying different stuff too, for maybe the past 6 to 8 years and of course didn't have success in any of them, but I appreciate the experiences.

Now I have graduated from -for me- a useless college which I hated, and have no job. So, I decided to learn web development again but seriously this time. I started at the beginning of this year and nearly every day learning in total of 8 months , I am now starting to build my portfolio as a MERN stack developer.

Concentrating on one thing for a good period of time made me more confident of my self and having more hope to be hired.

So my advice will be as this:

- Try to move the money out of your sight: I know it's hard, but this gave me the privilege of eliminating distractions and concentrate at the thing that I am capable of right now.

- Aim for high demand job and make your best to be good at it.

- Take your time and don't lose hope

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Doing Job is not Passive Income.

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I didn't say anything about passive income :) the problem that I face is that passive income needs real hard work before gaining a nickel. For the people like me their mind makes an illusion of that passive income is a lot easier than doing a job. But in fact we focus only about money not doing the work. So the suitable for us before getting into passive we have to sweat in a job so we then have to work hard to get out of that job. If we don't do that we will not move and loop through trying different things.

I hope you get my point.

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Ya I get your point. If you have no source of income at all then landing a job first is best thing to do. And then you should build a passive income as a side hustle aiming to earn enough to get out of the Job.

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Hi, thanks for the reply. I am getting your point, to develop a hustlers mentality, to not focus on the goal but to Hustle everyday on what I am passionate about. Didn't know this was a thing until I listened to 50ct's book. But how do you find that thing that is on high demand and will generate you money? Like how did you come to know that web development is in high demand?