I created a new product. What's next?

by dobloxy. Posted on Sep 13, 2020    5    10

I am the inventor of new blocks for children - DOBLOXY

I have created the blocks for my beloved sons, which the youngest of whom has Down's syndrome. the Inspiration was not just of Children but there is no such product on market.

The idea behind DOBLOXY was to create blocks for everyone.
Also perfect in the therapy and rehabilitation of children with neurological disorders.
In the times of 3D printing, everyone can print them on their printer.

More about the project on my website: http://dobloxy.com

I do everything myself. I am not a rich man. I live in Spain. From the creation of these blocks, website and pattern registration.

I am looking for people who would help me enter the market with them. I am a creator, but have little experience in the business world.

I want to leave something for my children. Even if it's just my name on the box of these bricks in stores.


Sorry for my English.


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Best bet is to call LEGO’s and see if they want to either outright buy it or license it


Yeah bc it’s that simple mate

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Making a phone call is hard? Yeah you’re right he should manufacture it, market it, and distribute it because that’s so much easier 🤦‍♂️


Yes it is fucking hard. Do you know how many of these companies must hit up LEGO? It’s so hard. Your advice is not operable. Gain traction then you sell and even then LEGO should not be your exit plan


Thanks for downvoting me for disagreeing with you?

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Social media awareness campaign I think would be a great next step. Run as a video.
Get people talking about your product.

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Good for you and awesome demographic to assist. I too am in the same stage of development of my own children’s product line of learning tools. I’m in the US and have a Totally different product than yours but I love your idea after working with special needs families for over 15 years. Good on you and I’m always here to provide any assistance possible to anyone needing help. Good luck with it all!

  dobloxy 1

Thanks for this comment.

These blocks are meant to be a joy for every child, regardless of the situation.
Therefore, I have provided the base kit files for non-commercial use.
You just need to print them on a 3D printer.

fabiansefranek 3

I visited your website and saw that you could improve some aspects of design. Maybe I can help you with that. Just message me

  dobloxy 2

The basic principle in their design was simplicity. I combined "lego" blocks, wooden blocks without joints, puzzles and a Jenga game.
A three-year-old should easily assemble a building from several blocks. And the adult builds a model of a small town.
Of course, I will be very pleased with the cooperation in further design. The website contains only the basic blocks that are already registered designs in the patent office.
work is underway on..

Additions to the Basic City
City Premium (possibility of building bridges, highways, etc.)
City of tommorow
medieval castle and settlement
hanging cities
Blocks from every set can be combined each other to create even more varied structures.

The blocks should be easy to print on any home 3D printer. The parts should overlap loosely after printing. A hand blow is enough to demolish the structure (Godzilla effect :))

I want each physical set sold to come with files for printing a copy of each brick in the set.
I want blocks to be available to everyone.