I created a website to validate my business idea...

by BrecciusRebornus. Posted on Sep 13, 2020    0    15


Hi, long story short I came up with a product idea, and to see if there was a true demand I created this website. Depending on the feedback, i'll be scrapping it or consider starting it.

I would appreciate feedback on these few things:

- the product idea itself

- the website

- anything else

Thanks, keep in mind I have 0 experience on all these things!


mczarnek 1

Personally, I'm a little on the cheap side so probably I wouldn't buy it but I like the idea. I'd love it if someone gave it to me as a present.. and I had a laptop.

I do find I have a very similar problem with smartphones and Netflix

  BrecciusRebornus 1

Hmm interesting... I was thinking of similar product ideas but with phones/tablets too as well, not just laptops. Which is why I decided the name to be “sideviewooze”.


Rossim0 1

Is this a joke?

  BrecciusRebornus 1

Nope. I’m just young and trying something new.

What can I improve on?

Rossim0 1

Ok, I truly didn't mean to offend. I dont understand the product. Are you selling a stand? If so, where is the stand? Is there a pic of a prototype?

  BrecciusRebornus 1

Dw no offence taken!

I created a website for a product idea I have and wanted to see what people’s reaction was to the idea.

The product is a laptop stand that would enable the user to place their laptop in a slanted (or horizontal) position to ease watching Netflix or whatever on their laptop in bed, as they can lie on their side which is a more comfortable position.

This is the first ever time creating a website and doing something like this so I appreciate the harsh feedback haha, I will be polishing up the website and it make more detailed etc and probably post it here or somewhere again.

The plan is to run ads for this website and see if people would signup or not - validating the business idea or confirming its failure.

AnonJian 1

You don't really explain why using a work stand isn't just as good. Using an email to try to boost false positives does just that. And could you please explain why you posted in this forum as I'd like to see the mental gymnastics involved with explaining how you didn't target people who are just supporting your fling.

You're bending over backwards to screw yourself. Maybe you should reconsider.

Tablift Universal Tablet stand has played the watch Netflix In Bed angle. So you have a validation -- it started and was funded on Kickstarter. There are probably many others. 2013 maybe they went under, who knows. There may be some way to compete. It will not come from shutting your eyes to competition.

panam321 1

Its all about Product Market Fit. Yes a product may exist in the market but is it valuable enough for people to buy things like this. There are so many companies who built and create similar products like the one you listed. I personally wouldn't use it in bed because i know my eyes need rest in bed and watching tv or using your phone in bed is not good for your health in general.

AnonJian 1

>Its all about Product Market Fit.

I am about to make a new rule. It's all about [a term the person commenting has no interest in, does not understand, could care less about, but is still worth mentioning just because it sounds good.]

So execution, product market fit ... meh, they all kinda just seem like it might be about the OP.

panam321 1

I am sorry that my answer didn't satisfy you but I am very aware about how important Product Market Fit is for every product or service in any type of business. It is one of the hardest aspects to figure out when trying to build a successful product or service and offer it to the market. Many businesses fail because what they offer is not what the majority of people want. My comment is not only aimed towards your comment. Every aspiring entrepreneur who wants to introduce a product to the market should be aware of this.

I recommend to do poll or survey. One option is PickFu to get more feedback about your product

DawnTechnologiesCo 1

I wouldn’t buy it (because I seldom watch Netflix alone or in bed laying down) but this is the sort of product that is it becomes viral you May be able to have some degree of success with it!

Also, bear in mind there are similar supports out there...


Good luck!

Rossim0 2

I have relooked at your idea and believe I can make it better. This price point is $15 and should be an as seen on TV item. All plastic, rail on the side with vent holes as to not overheat the laptop. Antislip surface and a multi adjustable degree changer for multiple degrees of view.

  BrecciusRebornus 1

I really appreciate it thanks!

Do you think this product could actually, realistically sell?

Rossim0 1

No. Think of an idea that really solves a problem. Preferably something you have a passion for.

  BrecciusRebornus 1

I had this problem myself which is how I came up with this idea