I have a business model idea for leasing expensive electronics and equipment. It'll benefit those who want the latest and greatest, those with long term temporary needs, or those needing flexibility. What are your thoughts?

by cpu5555. Posted on Sep 14, 2020    2    8

The problem with buying electronics and related tools is that keeping up with the latest and greatest is difficult. It's especially bad for professionals with budget constraints. Many people can get into serious trouble if they borrow money to buy things like cameras, lenses, etc. and a situation interrupts their ability to repay. Some people only temporarily need a specific high price tool.

My solution is a variant of leasing better than "rent to own." The advantages are:

  • If an unexpected situation arises and/or you no longer need the tools, you can send the equipment back and the lease and future payments will terminate.
  • If you acquire equipment and something newer comes along, you can order newer equipment and later exchange for sending the old equipment back.
  • You can trade equipment within the same budget.
  • You acquire now and pay later without using credit
  • Prepayment is allowed
  • It becomes yours if you pay enough into the equipment
  • No late return penalties. It's great for long term temporary projects.

Rental houses often sell you their insurance. It's not best for long term rentals. This one will provide recommendations for third party insurance that covers both equipment you own and what you rent/lease. Just provide the certificate of insurance along with a security deposit and everything will be great.

What do you like about this idea? What concerns do you have? Should someone like me start a company for this? Would it make sense to instead get established companies to offer this concept as described? What's your general advice?

Thanks in advance.


DoctorDumay 1

You’ll need a lot of cash or credit to get the initial equipment while the payback period will be lengthy.

Seedpound 1

Let us know how it goes ;)

hawaiianryanree 3



You cannot just bend over backwards to address multiple pain points, to start business.

The "newest and best" technologies are extremely overpriced, because those who NEED it, are Innovators / Early Adopters, and they either have a REASON to NEED it, ie (new graphics card, to render top of the line Video Editing, for VR), for their business and can justify the high costs, OR they are just buying it to get the newest shiny toys.


You are catering to NEITHER. You are targetting the weird middle group, "followers" who dont want to spend the money, but want to play with the new toys? What is "temporary long term"? thats an oxymoron.


Sounds like you are trying to convince yourself. This is a sub par idea. that requires a TON of funding, and extremely high level execution. Impossible? No.

But if you could pull this off. you might as well have pulled something else off.

The maths just dont add up.

Highest risk, legal fees, Cash flow issues, and not to mention you literally gave them eveerything AND the kitchen sink. So, wtf? Theres a reason why people cannot get these features you mentioned.. Its not because they dont want it. its because its logistically, financially, and economically extremely difficult to execute.

Your essentially planning to buy the most expensive tech, at the highest possible cost, and rent it to "followers" who dont want to pay that much.

This is a marketing disaster. From a theoretical perspective at least.


10000% do not do it.

JackowitzOnline 3

You seem like with what you're saying is that you're giving them everything,

What's your protection if they break it if you're not even running credit?

Prepay is allowed, but if "unexpected situations" arise they can return it without any fees?

Large capital upfront to buy this equipment

This can be good, but what are you even leasing? $50000 red cameras or what?


They can return without fees. The customers must bring their own insurance to protect us should they damage their tools. The leasing will cover anywhere from entry level cameras to $50000 ones. Lenses will be part of the deal too.

BreddieBoi 3

Where will they get that insurance from? How do you know they'll make the insurance payments once they have the item?