I have a main blog and a store blog. What to use the store blog for...

by TouchMySwollenFace. Posted on Sep 14, 2020    0    3

...hello, I'm after a bit of advice.

I make weird music and publishing it on spotify, apple music, etc... I have a blog to blog about stuff concerning what's getting released and making of and associated stories that go with some of the music.

I've put an online store on a subdomain and it also has a blog (WordPress) and I don't want to ignore this blog, but use it as an opportunity to help promote products being sold in the store (mainly merch) alongside pinterest, a dedicated store twitter and instagram.

I'm wondering what sort of blog posts I could use with the store blog? My current idea is spoof / cynical lifestyle blog articles that go with my musical persona.

Any advice greatly appreciated. Thanks.



Weren't blogs replaced by social media?

Orangebird 1

If your customers like making music too, you can write how-tos or production notes. If you use specialized instruments, reviews would be good (and you can put a link to purchase at your store at the bottom of your review). Short histories of instruments would be great too.

TheBloggersAcademy 1

Why not just have 1 blog and use that to both draw people in and promote your store?