I have no real passion and thus I'm constantly stuck in analysis paralysis . Constantly looking around if there is some sector or niche which guarantees better returns with lower risk in a shorter period of time.

by AjaxFC1900. Posted on Sep 11, 2020    4    26

I think I'm going crazy, I am paralyzed .

inaction, constant re-routing and jumping from analyzing one sector to the other . I am sailing without gps or radar...just guestimates and a compass



When newbies use this term niche, they invariably mean Supply, Not Demand. It was supposed to be Supply AND Demand. Not supply and ... what the hell went wrong.

That is all build it and they will come is about. Supply First. Demand ... meh. Nobody ever solves for 'they.' Guestimaginate, yes. Solve, no. Then they have to settle for 'meh.'

The shorter period of time with greater reward and lowered risk is the one place nobody will look. Market demand and customer research ... leading to the product-market fit that makes for survival and, yes, success. That is ecommerce, curation, retail, wholesale, invention, etc.

Um ... those are search terms (I feel compelled to point out).

Sorry to be the one to tell the people posting this: There isn't a secret magic supply niche business you start and succeed without customers in. Closest I can suggest for that right now is cold storage and body bags -- but that seems like the one customer type the people posting for the magic business won't disappoint.

>inaction, constant re-routing and jumping from analyzing one sector to the other . I am sailing without gps or radar...just guestimates and a compass

This will always be the case when your north star is missing. Try market demand and customers for a big fat change of pace. Okay say it the one time: Supply AND Demand. Now take your first step away from failure: Supply ONLY WITH Demand. You are doing fine, if you feel yourself getting dizzy and about to fall, grab onto something sturdy: Demand FIRST Supply MAYBE.

TIL Wantrepreneur really just says everything you need to know. And also GPS, Radar, Celestial Navigation won't work with your eyes closed.

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Hire a coach.

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Have you tried leveraging what you do in free time? That can often be gold mine

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Pick the most promising thing you have found in your analysis so far. Start building it and invest some time and energy to it to bring it to a start.

Also, read a really good book that makes you take action. Pick something from here: https://www.notion.so/Sahil-s-Recommended-Books-11f285f4bba6471f9d2cd19dd7c1f4d1

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try to find people that are specialist, more so consultants. They always help people. Use their knowledge to put together the fundamental system.

It also appears to be true that many businesses will outsource most of their finance to accounting firms/accountant & book keepers, their marketing/brand strategy to a firm and freelancers, and their product development to a firm and production overseas, same with logistics and so on.

The goal is for you to manage it all. You also need to strategize what direction to take every year. What you want is to build towards your mission and strive to make 'best' offer for your target customers. Building up towards a big customer base.

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I doubt you have no real passion. That sounds like, frustration simply coming out in a form where you feel things you like dont fit societies standard.

Start by asking yourself: If I had to do x, everyday, for the next 30 days, what would I choose to do? Really envision waking up and looking forward to it.

Then ask yourself why.

Then why again.



10 more times.

And you'll get to a deep rooted answer. Be honest with yourself though.

Find what really makes you tick.


Then, find what you are decently good at / willing to put in the time to get good at.


Tie the two together, and start.

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Start a business in something your passionate about. Not passion like die hard passion, but know what you like so that you will stick to it.

I did a window washing business for 3 months before shutting down because the work simply was not enjoyable. I was spending more time unhappy than happy, and that’s when the switch clicked for me.

Find out what you enjoy doing. Literally look at what you did in the past 24 hours to see what you enjoy spending time doing, and start figuring out a way to make it profitable.

If you keep chasing the money, you’re going to be stuck in analysis paralysis forever.

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the only thing I genuinely like is winning, making money and having sex/dating attractive girls.

All the other activities are equal to me.

It's not a joke when I say that I don't have a real passion.

ShazDoesSwift 3

Then you need to gain emotional maturity my friend. All the power, money, and women in the world won’t truly satisfy you. Ever heard of that cliche?

You need to learn how to be happy with who you are and what you’ve got before you move forward.

A successful life lies somewhere between gratitude for what you have, and the will to improve yourself.

This is assuming your financially stable already.


> All the power, money, and women in the world won’t truly satisfy you. Ever heard of that cliche?

Yeah mostly from left wing media and the likes. Or people who are haters or people who try to deter others from doing such things in order to alleviate the competition for themselves, as they promptly go to do such things on their own, maybe hiding as they preach the exact opposite. Just like left wing media and authors.

I thought there would not be a need to stress these points.

ShazDoesSwift 3

From my perspective it’s just common sense right? You keep chasing these things, but even when you get them you don’t get happier. You just want more.

As long as you’re financially stable, I found the best thing to do with your time on Earth is spend time with people who care about you. Studies show that anything above $75K and happiness kind of flatlines. Once your basic needs are met, money isn’t and shouldn’t be your sole focus in life.

I do usually see people who try and go for money, power, and women are the most unhappy overall. Because nothing satisfies them.


> who care about you.

They care about you because you have your shit together and/or because you are a good charmer.

Let's not pretend a mentally ill homless man would find many people around himself when looking for those who "care about him".

In the end status ,money and the ability to sell or charm are a way to procure yourself successful human interactions and human touch which are a need. And desire for attractive girls spurs from reproductive instinct.

Other than the pleasure of winning, the victory and money earned ensures you that you are the furthest away from the nightmare experience scenario of the mentally ill homeless

ShazDoesSwift 2

I’ve found people who cared about me in my life by caring about them. By wanting to see the best in other people, I’ve found people wanting to see the best in me.

Also I’ve added the stipulation of being financially stable. Why are you using a mentally-ill homeless man to drive your point? If you can’t even find shelter and you’re looking for money, status, and women then you’re doing it wrong because your basic hierarchy of needs aren’t met. Only after you’re financially stable and can support yourself you can approach the need for love and connection.

If you’re struggling to “procure yourself successful human interaction and human touch” as you put it, then I’m assuming you’re financially stable and not a mentally-ill homeless man. So you got a job.

Now you just need to make some friends and get a girlfriend. Then your next set of needs will be met. You don’t need unlimited money and sleeping with someone every day to satisfy that need. That just takes good intention and a little bit of finesse.

Then start building a community for yourself and you’ll satisfy your need for self-actualization, and you’ll have lived a happy and well-lived life.

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with a mediocre status and 75k as you put it...you are left exposed to the events. You are not that far from the sidewalk.

if life throws you a curve ball you'd end up there

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Nothing to say to that?


Seems to me you are trying to apply the entrepreneurial spirit to my brain.

Better yet the entrepreneurial left side of your brain is trying to explain to the right side of my brain that it would get all the juices and satisfaction it needs with 75k/yr, a female companion with average or sub par look, perhaps nagging, and a normal/average life as you put it.

This is the dictionary definition of what a businessman does: maximum upside without much effort. Salesmanship on top of that.

The 75k seems appeal to authority and psychology is a bunk pseudoscience which lacks predictive ability.

In any event there is no point trying to reason with mine (or anyone elses right side of their brain)

Thing is basically the same piece of matter as it was 200,000 years ago.

It sees Hugh Hefner and goes...."I want that!", no matter how much you try and convince it.

It sees Bezos and goes...."I want that!", no matter how much you try and convince it.

It sees Trump and goes...."I want that!", again no matter how much you try and convince it.

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Welcome to being average my guy. We’ve been waiting.

Lol, I’m joking but come on dude show a little bit of optimism. Yeah you can’t account for every unforeseen event but you don’t need to. The future and past are just illusions there’s only the now. And you can control your attitude about the now.

Even when something bad happens, it’s a welcome challenge from the ease of the wealthy fulfilling life you’d be living at 75K (which is higher than the average US median income of 56K).

And as long as you have people by your side, in my opinion, there’s no such thing as bad times.

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Pick any one thing, the stupider the better, call your local SBDC and tell them you want help with it and just get going.