I have released my 2000+ instrumental pieces free under creative commons 3.0 by (Free to use in your games, podcasts, movies, videos or what ever. Just credit me Antti Luode) (If you can not, that is fine too.)

by Mrloop. Posted on Sep 12, 2020    1084    123

As used in games such as Headliner Novinews.

As used by Youtubers such as Kyle Le with 56+ million views / 218k+ subs and Sam Hogan.

My Instrumental site (Soundclick):


My IMDb (only one credit so far. Others maybe coming):


2059 Instrumental pieces on Google drive Zipped. (non categorized):


(I hear the google drive download limit was hit?) (I did not know there was one :D)

Link to 1790 CATEGORIZED instrumental pieces in a single zip file:


My blog where I release the songs and FLstudio project files for them:


Youtube channel for my instrumental pieces:


All instrumental pieces on Google drive:


Torrent with 1369 instrumentals:


Pass it around!

You need a bittorrent client to download the instrumentals in the torrent:




Spam much?

  Mrloop 5

Last post here was 8th of May.

Max-_-Power 7

So you have the audacity of accusing someone of spamming who just released 2000 songs under a very liberal CC license?

Have my downvote.


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Maybe the rules need updating?


Maybe so. But until then spam in the specified threads.

Godlett 2

There was a similar post some weeks ago, they are different creators. Good job OP.

RossDCurrie 3

Fuck copyright for gaming! Thanks! I'll credit in my streams

  Mrloop 1

You are welcome!

Sreys 1

Heyo, i just wanted to let you know that i have similar Topics on this site, they're very interesting and i think it suits the topic, check it out. 😀 👍

jipsyjopsy 1


  Mrloop 2

You are welcome! :)

SolveDidentity 1

They should be required by law to credit OP.

FlametopFred 1

what happens if you load everything up via Distrokid? And then create a Spotify Playlist from all of that? I mean upload everything.

  Mrloop 2

I am ok the way things are. :D People can get the pieces if they want. I tried spotify once and the pieces did not receive too many plays.. I pulled off most of them. But thanks! :)

FlametopFred 1

Yeah I get that totally

I'm thinking about pulling all my stuff off Spotify by the end of the year.

I cracked $5 in Spotify earnings this week after a couple years. 950 streams.

FlametopFred 1

what is your breakdown of equipment used, over time, over different time periods of song composition?

I am hearing a lot of cool instrumentation and enjoying all your song arrangements, mixes and instrument choices.

  Mrloop 2

I started 20 years ago with Sonar. Then I moved to FL Studio in 2007 which has been my main DAW. Originally I played guitar mostly (I am not a good guitar player), then I moved to VST instruments (virtual plugin instruments) mainly..

Lately I have been using Native Instruments plugins which are mind blowing really, I do wish I had had things like sampled Stradivari violin from the start. :D

FlametopFred 1

The sounds and playing are good and nicely sparse, understated.

jasoncalacanis 1

You should build this into a subscription service, where you charge $299 a year to get unlimited access to a stream of new music 100 days before it's available to the public, and you get the source files and access to the composers.

you would instantly have 1,000 paid subs, and at $299 a year you could spend money to acquire customers.

I invested in a company that does this model for illustrations https://blush.design/

  Mrloop 1

I would actually love to get access to mainstream rock music stems to famous songs. I think such a service would do great if it had access to A list stars. But my music? I do not think if I asked money for the access there would be too much interest. But yes, A list Top 40 hits from throughout ages. There would be massive interest for sure..

The problem I think you would hit would be that artists are incredibly self aware of their mistakes, especially the ones who have been portrayed as God like by the media. To have your music broken to bits would be like opening your heart to vultures. I do not mind it because I do not care about stinging comments. I know I am not super great. But if you took your average rock diva and then asked them after all these years to provide dry stems for the whole band.. I think you wold be hard pressed to find people who would want to do that..

But AI actually already does that (breaks songs down to stems). It is just of lesser quality..

jasoncalacanis 1

if you ever wanted to talk to me about it my email is jason@calacanis.com and my twitter is twitter.com/jason

Bjorn74 1

First, thanks for a great resource.
Second, how do you pronounce your name for attribution?
Third, I made it through 700 and found some I could use. What would be perfect is something in the Yacht Rock genre, like Hall & Oates, Toto, Doobie Brothers, etc. Don't go through any extra effort.
Fourth, best of luck on your surgery.

  Mrloop 2

How About M1 Up North In Lamborghini:


On these roads of babylon:


Listening to these actually made me feel not very happy about some of the older pieces I wrote. So I began re editing one.. Hopefully tomorrow I'll have a new version of it.. Sigh :D

crusafo 1

I just wanted to thank you for sharing this with us, I'm listening to your soundclick tracks now, and I like your style, it's easy going, and yet nuanced enough to keep me wondering what is in the next measure. With all the BS going on in the world lately, this music is exactly what I needed at the moment to help me chill out. So yeah, thanks :)

  Mrloop 2

You are welcome! :)

RajivSen 1

Nice to meet you again, Antti.

I apologize that I am yet to join the creative commons bandwagon. And I wish you all the best for your surgery!

  Mrloop 2

Well the stage is free.. :D

RajivSen 1


Now all I need is to free some of my time. It is difficult only for this time of setting up a company.

CookinXperimentalist 1

Thank you. This is incredibly nice of you - to share your art with the world for free. Humbled and thankful. I'll be browsing your music and surely crediting you anytime I use yours in any of my videos. I am a very small youtuber, and constantly amazed at how helpful and generous people are. Thanks again and hope things work out wonderful for you. Read your other comments about the surgery, so wishing you good health and speedy recovery too!

  Mrloop 1

You are welcome! I am small youtuber myself too :D Thank you for the well wishes!


I am curious how many hours you put in total working on these.

  Mrloop 1

A few..

Oflameo 1

I want to be like you, Sascha Ende, Kevin McLeod, etc, but I don't know how to use a Digital Audio Workstation yet, and I don't know where to start in teaching myself LMMS, but I do have a couple of concepts that play in my head every once in a while. Do you have any advice?

  Mrloop 2

To get started get MIDI keyboard, DAW and headphones. Then go to youtube and watch tutorials for your daw. It is that simple. :D

Oflameo 1

I have 2 out of 3 of those already, or if I am creative enough 1 out of 1 of those already.

  Mrloop 2

Then just go on youtube and start watching tutorias on how to use your equiment / how to make music! :) I hope you get as much kick out of it as I have..

Oflameo 1

Are you going to host on https://filmmusic.io/?

  Mrloop 2

Interesting site. I see Kevin McLeod is there. I have to think about it! Thx!

Lasdesas 1

I like the track Brief Respite very much. I'll probably use it in a short film. And i'll credit you. Thank you!

  Mrloop 2

You are welcome! I hope your film comes out great! :)

w_nston 1

You’re an amazing man!

  Mrloop 1

You are too! :D

buggalookid 1

thank you so much!

  Mrloop 1

You are welcome! :)

capolot89 1

Awesome dude :)

  Mrloop 1

You are! :)

allbynature 1

Thank you... Know That You Are Loved! Blessings be upon you during your fight!

  Mrloop 1

Thank you!

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rundbear 1

Thanks for doing this man. The least I can do is check out your channel, like your vids, and become a sub! Thanks again, much love, and GL with the surgery, if it happens. Knack it out, just like you did these 2000 and some tracks :)

  Mrloop 2

You are welcome! Thanks!

heaton5747 1

Wow man this is awesome! Do you have any tracks similar to this guy: https://www.marcusbagala.com/composer Sort of background music/transition music that would be used in a podcast/audio show? Something like: Marcus Bagala - Autumnal Moping ?

  Mrloop 1

Ooh, I like it. I actually like NPR including "This American Life", that he has made music for.

Very nice piece. A little African instruments (kalimba) and jazz drums..

I have maybe made something slower like it, but lately, the only thing that comes to mind is this faster piece called "African Beethoven", that uses Bongo:


I should make something like that though. :D

Ptrulli 1

Wow so amazing OP. Thanks for sharing and I hope your 'surgery' goes well and you make a full recovery, All the best!



  Mrloop 1

To you too!

north78 1

You are a good human being, more power to you, cheers

  Mrloop 1

Kippis! ;)

aabergkvist 1

Hey Antti! Just wanted to stop by and say that it's awesome to see that you are still active here!

  Mrloop 1

Still breathing.. :)

gahome4you 1

Wow. The first couple I listened to were perfect for my house videos. I hope I can figure out how to download. Thank you so much.

  Mrloop 1

You are welcome!

ActionComics_Kent38 1

Hey man that's kind as hell. Thank you.

  Mrloop 1

You are welcome!

evacia 1

dude this is awesome!! always looking for small artists i can help out whenever i can by using their songs w/ credit

  Mrloop 1

I hope you find something!

youthfulcharlie 1

Wonderful collection!

Willuknight 1

downloaded and subscribed thank you! I will be sure to credit you!

  Mrloop 1

You are welcome!

tkntony1 1

Will create some videos and credit you, thanks brother

  Mrloop 1

Thanks! You are welcome brother!

neo_star 1

People like yourself need more recognition. More power to you.

  Mrloop 2

I hope not 220 watts, that would suck. :D

Zinin2018 1

dude im subbed to u already . hope you doing well.

  Mrloop 2

Thx! I hope you are well as well! :)

MrkPrchzzIII 1

Saved your post thank you king!

  Mrloop 1

Of mediocre muzak? :) You are welcome.

NataliaM28 2

Thank you for this!

  Mrloop 1

You are welcome! :)

GoodLifeLLC 2

Hey, It's great you are sharing so many good things out of goodwill. That is why the sharing economy is growing. I have a question for you. Do you think repurposed resources will become more important?

  Mrloop 3

Frankly, when it comes to intellectual resources, I think AI is the next signpost. It will change things for good. Jukebox by open AI is scary good:


My friend said that "you can not pin down feeling though". I think he is wrong, I think feeling / feel is just a particular flow of music, particular way of using tones. You can expand on that by saying particular way of painting, or cutting a video.

I frankly am amazed by the AI revolution. Also, as a person with a broken brain. I can see how we are just neural networks, just like AI.

So I think AI tools will become more important, but AI tools will have to be taught. Now the big question is that can you teach AI of the future to make songs in vein of Elvis or Metallica and then when it makes songs sounding like Elvis or Metallica, will Elvis estate or members of Metallica be able to get part of the revenues generated by such AI?

If I learn to make music in style of Metallica, as long as I did not directly copy them it would be ok. What about AI? Now, those are some big questions that will be thought of a lot in the next few years.

SheddingCorporate 3

Thank you! It’s always great to find new music I can use on my videos, will gladly credit you as I use them!

Have you posted to r/newtubers and to r/twitch? You should, they’d love to hear from you!

  Mrloop 5

You are welcome! Yes, I have posted in newtubers. About twitch. . Twitch mods did not want my ad there. I did ask.

NotBamboozle 3

Glad to see you're doing well u/Mrloop , been following your channel since last year and happy to see regular releases

  Mrloop 2

Thanks! I hope you are well as well! :)

SpiceTrader56 11

Thank you! I'm excited to dive in and see what is available.

travk534 3

Great sound clips for projects on r/thesidehustle

SpiceTrader56 1

Very much appreciated

  Mrloop 5

I hope you find something!

kenpachitz 36

Hey /u/Mrloop, how you are doing?

Seen you doing this for a couple years now. Curious to hear what motivates you to give such a vast library of content for free for so long.

It's an exceedingly rare thing to do and that fascinates me.

  Mrloop 161

I am ok, thank you for asking, I hope you are well too!

To your questions.

Look at soundclick. It is a old music site that was popular in early 00's. There are literally millions of songs there. Most are getting no plays at all. Most of those people would be better off offering their music for free. I mean, if you made music and no one is listening. What is the point?

I made music. It makes me happy to see people use the music. If I did not ahem "advertise" every now and then. It would see no use. I just recently noticed that a game maker / youtuber Sam Hogan had been using my tracks and some of those videos have now close to 8 million plays. I found out about it on the same day as I got news I will have a brain surgery for sure. It made me happy. It made me feel like there has been
some point to me making these tracks.

I am not alone in donig this, Kevin McLeod does this, a lot of other redditors do this, especially in the r/gamedev and other game development related subreddits. I think they are inspired by the fact that free tracks do end up in games and videos.

Some of those people no doubt will make a career out of it, especially the young ones who are only learning the trade. What better way to let the industry know you are out there than offer some tracks for free? Me, I do not like talking about this, but it always gets to it.

As I said I am on a line for a brain surgery.

Today, I had a meeting with a neuropsychologist and we were charting my memory. Why? Because I am going to have a surgery for a cavernoma in the right frontal cortex of my brain. I have a bleeding vein there. Depending on todays answer I might have the surgery which may or may not involve the cavernoma removed + possibly parts of my hippocampus.

The cavernoma has caused me to have years and years of seizures in part of my brain that deals with emotional control. Essentially my flight or fight instinct has got stuck on for 9 years and my emotions have been on endless roller coaster ride. That probably inspired me to make music.
Now, the quality has not always been the best, which is why I give it away for free.

Next question is why not ask money for it. Well, I may have made some tracks I could have done that for. But, the whole idea for me was to not stress, because stress gave me seizures. So instead of competing against tremendously skilled other musicians, many of whom have been classically trained and are on another level compared to me. I do not. I give my music away for free and let people choose if they use it or not. This way I do not have stress about developing something in style of X and I do not have to worry about timelines etc. I can make music, good or bad, in any genre I want, when I want. Or not.

I hope that answered your questions! :)

zardilior 1

I send you my best, hope it helps with the seizures. You don't have to compete to make money as long as the music is good (not perfect, not the best) good enough for someone to like it, it's great that humanity can benefit of you wanting everyone to listen to you, but this could make good self promotion to run some premium songs, you already gave so much freely.

Once your operation finishes, I hope I can listen to a new discourse and to the benefits you deserve from your music. Money is not everything but its important.

You can do it man, and thanks for being a tough warrior and be here with all these issues your music sounds for others that know a bit of you even if they don't know you. Not everyone can say that. You are good and you are tough. I send you my best!

  Mrloop 2

Thank you for the kind words sir!

TitansTracks 1

>Next question is why not ask money for it. Well, I may have made some tracks I could have done that for. But, the whole idea for me was to not stress, because stress gave me seizures. So instead of competing against tremendously skilled other musicians, many of whom have been classically trained and are on another level compared to me. I do not. I give my music away for free and let people choose if they use it or not. This way I do not have stress about developing something in style of X and I do not have to worry about timelines etc. I can make music, good or bad, in any genre I want, when I want. Or not.

I hope that answered your questions! :)

Holy shit!!! You basically wrote out what I've been struggling to justify for the last few years.

Free music is a great way to keep creating without stressing about the quality / style / timelines.

Game devs / content creators can use the free tunes and you as the creator can focus on making more music - without the stress!!

My friend you have shown me something extremely valuable today, I sincerely hope that your surgery goes well for you! 💎

  Mrloop 1

Thank you!

jalapenow 1

Surgery will go well! You got this! No stress ever! ❤️

  Mrloop 1

🙃 Thanks

hope4atlantis 1

Buy a distribution service with unlimited tracks that will register you for ascap or BMI. Streams and use in YouTube videos count as the equivalent of a type of radio play and they will collect the revenue money based on amount of plays and then deliver the money to you (each quarter I believe). With video views in the millions you could see a decent little chunk of change and make some coin off that free music. Good luck with everything!

  Mrloop 1

I can not / do not want to do that because I have released the music under creative commons 3.0 BY. The whole idea is that the people who use the music get all the proceeds. But thank you.

nikhil001-code 1


Thanks for sharing it. We will make a good use of it.

Best for luck for your surgery.

jldd 1


SpadoCochi 1


kenpachitz 2

Best of luck on your surgery. Hope it is successful and you make a full recovery. Sorry you're dealing with that.

Wasn't expecting such a reply, but I deeply respect and admire why you do this. Thanks for sharing. :)

oholymike 2

I just read this and just wanted to tell you that I think this is really a generous gift and an awesome outlook for life. Especially the way it will help budding developers who couldn't get good instrumental pieces any other way. I pray your surgery will be a great success and bring you peace and joy.

dtowntheeyeball 8

You’re a true creator sir & a gift to the world thank you.

  Mrloop 5

You are welcome sir!

dtowntheeyeball 2

for real tho releasing music you made en masse for free just for longevity & total reach purposes is just absolutely pure creator shit. I love it.

crevise 9

WOW, bro, you get a great story

ratthew 14

> Next question is why not ask money for it.

I've followed your stuff for a very long time now. Maybe since you first advertised your free music on reddit. I'm very grateful for what you're doing.

I think you should still put a donate button somewhere so people can give back to you without any strings attached.

And good luck with your surgery man. Hope everything works out for you.

  Mrloop 6


openwindows 27

Good luck with the surgery. This is really beautiful for you to release and I’m glad it gives you joy. Please update us on your health.

  Mrloop 17

Thx! I will make a video before the surgery if it happens. I made some other videos about it too but took them down because, I want the channel to be more about music. I also sometimes make vocal songs, but I take them down after a while, because I am not too happy with my vocals. .

openwindows 1

Well make sure you try out the vocal audio. I’m betting you’ll grow a super supportive community that will happily give feedback, constructive criticism or whatever you need. Sorry for the late reply, sleepy time here in Downunder land.

we4jesus 1

This is so lovely, Mr. Loop. Praying for a heavenly recovery. Surgery or not, your music lives on ♥️

  Mrloop 1

Making the music has provided me with a nice escape from the reality.. :D It has been a added bonus that people have actually used it. Thx!

GoodLifeLLC 1

I appreciate your comment. Recently, I and my wife were directed to operate in our life and our business following what Mr. Loop is doing. Calle it Selfless act of truth. Genuinely help other... why, cause it supposed to be our nature, and not always looking to get, to be paid. I believe in a resource-based economy and this is the actual currency of such an economy. I am sorry if I hijacked this comment/question to MrLoop, as a beneficiary of his kindness, is my duty to replicate such motivation. Give for no reason, anyways a talent is given to be shared with the world, The World will bring back our needs. Kuddos for your appreciation! and Thank you Mr. Loop For such resources, I couldn't sleep trying to see what I can create using your beats!

Ralikson 1

Interesting post and comment history.

rkeet 1


Check out Harris Heller on Youtube, did a similar thing. All of his songs are bought for using Fiverr.com artists. When you use it on Twitch, in a Youtube vid, whatever, he gets royalties. When someone plays them on Spotify or Apple/Google music, royalties. etc etc.

Streambeats by Harris Heller: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/4kAqBBEZQsBIXMIJl6u8tO?si=ygP5VnDESwaI99SFXxN7VQ

FITGuard 1

This is in direct violation of Rule 2 and Rule 4. However, as someone who has benefitted from this personally, I am going to allow it. Please use your votes and reports to let me know if you agree or disagree.