I made a map that demonstrates the intensity of anxiety levels in each country worldwide

by Josh43121. Posted on Sep 11, 2020    33    29

As far as I am aware, it is the first interactive map that shows real-time levels of anxiety in each country across the world. Today I also launched on Product Hunt.

This map only works if we all rate, so go ahead, put your country on the map with just one click and check the anxiety level in your country.

And because I don’t want to only focus on the problem but also help with it, I created a chatbot for quick free anxiety help.

P.s: World anxiety map does not gather any individual personal data or use any cookies/other tracking technologies.



this is useful af


This is a really smart idea. Good luck with it.

  Josh43121 1

thank you :)

Dave3of5 1

OK a few issues:

  • "No Data" shouldn't be the same colour as low
  • Countries with a low number (< 3 count) of rating are running with much higher anxiety values. I suspect this is due to bias
  • IP Address IS personal data, regardless if if you remove it you NEED to give consent to abide by GDPR. Currently you are not GDPR compliant
  • The scale is far too rough at the moment the map shows almost all countries at the same level (roughly 2.5 or halfway). That makes this map useless it literally tells us nothing

    As others have noted how is this a product ? You aren't selling anything and I see very little way to monetise this other than affiliate links.
alexbarron18 1

How often does the map refresh?

BiggleBuns 1

I love the idea and the product, my only tip would be to make the rating more accurate. You could put a little description on each anxious level so we’re all on the same page about how anxious someone is.

  Josh43121 1

It is a good idea! I will consider it next time i update it

dgamr 1

Nice. Reminds me of https://howisthe.world/ map

JohnBoone 1

Mozambique is very anxious. This one guy who voted is probably very worried about the rampant inflation.

YodaCodar 1

Great project; would be cool if we can see the changes over time. Each day I have a different value for anxiety.

jasdeep_singh_ct 1

How does this compare with the "happiness" scales that are published yearly by various publications? (I'm not sure how the happiness scale data is collected.)

Is that a goal: to license to researchers/writers?

LeganV9 1

Great idea

CoffeeScribbles 1

Thank you. I'm having a rough time now and the chatbot helped a little. How can I help?

  Josh43121 1

glad to help :)

bbqyak 1

Would be interested in seeing the numbers per country so we know the sample size

  Josh43121 1

you can already see how many people score their anxiety on the map

bbqyak 1

Ah. I was on mobile, I didn't see it.

B33rNuts 2

So i can't see any data until i till you how much anxiety i have? That is kinda weird.

TaxPlot 5

This would be cooler if powered by sentiment analysis of tweets, google searches, etc.

  Josh43121 1

thanks for the feedback, i will consider it :)

RealJhonis 1

This is exactly what I was hoping to see when I clicked on the link.

deepneuralnetwork 29

This is cool, but how in the world is this a “product”?

How can this possibly become a business? I’m genuinely curious what your end game is here.

whirl-pool 13

Harvesting data. Selling to big pharma. “Hey look America is anxious, sell them more pills” /s

Besides that, your question is valid, what is the revenue stream. The only other thing might be someone purchasing the code for some another project, but there are so many similar gui’s and back ends that I doubt it.


That would work only in certain areas, and even then, how do you advertise pharmaceutical anxiety medications? Can’t use billboards or commercials. It’s up to individuals to tackle their anxiety on a medical level, and even then, most people don’t even have clinical anxiety, just anxiety from poor life choices. Sure, data on who has anxiety is useful, but if that data is public domain, then how can you sell it?

If I were you, I’d make it anonymous and social, a place where people in your area can discuss their anxiety and help each other cope. User traffic+advertising=$$$

ukiyuh 4

You can make profit by wikipedia's donation method, or by Yahoo's advertising method, or affiliate marketing, etc...

Traffic can be turned into profit if the site is popular then it doesnt have to sell anything to the visitors directly and can still make money.

whirl-pool 2

True. You need to be very popular to gain a lot of views to make it profitable. I know someone who gains $3-5 every quarter in advertising. He does not drive people to his site and he does not add new content, both critical.

Boarders0 2

He claims no tracking (however the point of the site is to track data...).

Average_guy_77 2

Ads? Maybe self help book Amazon affiliate