I met a business guy who said who can't accept Engineer with Non-Coding skills as a Tech cofounder.

by vidukriss. Posted on Sep 14, 2020    0    18

On a cofounder search I am meeting many guys in Business field. Yesterday I met one guy who is a Business guy. He said he can't accept an Engineer without hardcore coding skills as a cofounder of a SaaS product. I'm bit disappointed. Any experience how do you handle it? I do program in Python, Matlab. I do not have a plan to learn fullstack/frontend/backend skills as it takes time as well as I need experience. Instead I plan to outsource.



What is this sub anymore?

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Why do you think you’re qualified to be a cofounder at a tech startup if you don’t have heavy tech skills, or (and I suspect this is the case) you don’t have relevant business/sales/domain skills?

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If the startup idea is your idea than you probably should look for a technical co-founder and a business-oriented co-founder aswell. The problem is you have to have your own set of relevant skills to bring to the table otherwise you’ll just be a dead weight to the team.

Maybe you can learn full-stack coding while you build the product, before you start the company?

I have learned to code and I’m building my product in the past year (I took a year off for this). This makes starting a company around the product much easier and I can keep contributing to the team.

You said you know python, so if you learn front end (html, css, js) you can build something full-stack very quickly.



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You cant be a co founder. Your data science skills are there after some data has already been collected and you want to extend the product.

Off the bat, you can be part of a data science consultancy, not a start up.


Why "cant be"? Is coding skills the only one skills to be a cofounder?

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I guess if its not related to tech, then maybe you can be.

But I hope I explained what the issue was that the other person was concerned about.

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Ok. Understood

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When first starting up, there are only two activities you are concerned about: Talking to customers and Building the product. It’s a horrible idea to either outsource or hire a Dev team cos it’s costly (a tech cofounder is much cheaper in terms of cash), you initially don’t know your customers and the features to build and hence building a product takes a LOT of iterations.

Now ask yourself this question. What can you bring to the table? Are you good at talking to customers? Do you have tech knowledge to build a product? Do you have knowledge and networking of industry your startup is in? etc.

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How do I become a professional football player with non-football skills?

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You apparently have no relevant skills, so what is your question?


My question was if anyone cofounded a tech startup without having coding skills. Or what advice people have


Many people have done that. You need the idea and the vision. The rest can be hired.

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Lots of people have co-founded tech companies without coding skills, but being specifically a technical co-founder without tech skills like like being a chef with no cooking ability. At an absolute minimum you'd need to know enough to be able to hire decent developers, and tell if the product is solid.

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I wouldn't hire a non coder for a tech co founder either. Why are you trying to be the technical co-founder? Regardless of whether you outsource, you still need to know if the code you are receiving is junk.


I'm not trying to be the tech cofounder instead I'm looking for one in the next stage once i finished with my as market research and user stories