I Need $25,000 (at least) in Start-Up Capital

by President-Jo. Posted on Sep 11, 2020    0    20

I am the proud owner of Green Seeker LLC, but I don’t have any assets yet. The goal is to develop a website that will connect Landscapers (500k Companies in US, & $99 Billion Industry) to their clients online. I was able to receive a quote from a top developer in the US who are experts in business services and marketing. They offered to build the website for me, market it, and host it for $23,000. I’ve been trying to find the funding by reaching out to friends and family but not many people have a lump sum like that laying around. I would take a little from everyone, but am trying to keep ownership in the hands of no more than 4 people. What can I do to get the funding I need?


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You can build and host a website like that for $230 dollars lol, if it's the marketing, you can spend some time and get the companies you need on board before dropping 20k

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They saw you coming from a mile away, (no offense)

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Did you only get one quote? Get a few more to see what the true cost is.

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Setup a single landing page, use WordPress and a theme. Describe your service and ask for just their contact information. Put that in a Google sheet, and do the match making manually, by emailing parties to see if another party is a fit. If you can't get this to a point where you need to start automation, then the business might not be a great idea after all.

Prove that there is demand, and present that to your investor friend.

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That sounds perfect! Thank you for the help.

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If you are going to take a process that is currently "Google for x" and make a new stand alone website/service for that process, you really have to prove your service is better than just googleing for X.

It will be hard to raise 25k if anyone you talk to will say "but I just Google that". You'll have to prove the value in your service that's above and beyond what googling can provide.


My solution: Google AdWord. I post for the privilege to shore up at the top of search results of certain phrases are searched. That’s what will get the clientele traffic, and not many will be needed to keep the site profitable. They will come bc of AdWord, Landscapers will refer their existing clients to the site bc it eases a lot of workflow for them, and clients will like the features enough to share it with family/friends. They will stay bc of the ease of getting quotes, instant booking, reviews, making payments, and more.

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Google AdWords is expensive. And I imagine landscape and landscaping aren't the cheapest words.

Some landscapers are already paying for Google ads. You then have to come in and push them out of the top. Which they may not like. This may come off as strong arming them to join your service or they won't get seen on google.

You also won't have 6 months of google ad words or site maintenance budgeted in the $25k raise.

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I pay*

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I started my marketplace (similar to this but in a different industry and with different clients) with $400 in the bank, a squarespace site and a shit ton of phone calls/emails.

If you need to spend $25k to start something so simple, you'll probably not do well.

My two cents.

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Thanks for the advice. I’ve decided my redesign a few years down the road will be what costs the $25k. I’m building the site and app on my own, and my mentor decided to cover any costs for me, which is awesome

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If I need a landscaper I go onto google maps and type landscaping and read the reviews of the closest ones and pick one or call for quotes. You may want to re-think spending $25k on that website.


The website also helps by allowing digital payments, limiting discoverability to landscapers’ set service area, allows tax filings, instant booking features, allows guest workers, etc., and it’s all free to them. Green Seeker will make its money through a small charge through each transaction. Competitors are all very successful despite being very young companies. The site is more for landscapers than for their clients. It will help them bring in much more business, and for much cheaper than with the paid leads they have to deal with now.


The purpose is to modernize a massive, yet outdated industry

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So you have an untested unproven idea that someone wants 25k+ before they will build it for you?
You are setting yourself up for pain friend.

Build a prototype yourself using wordpress - this basic airbnb style model is very doable using that and some basic coding - hire someone on upwork to do it for you for $1000-2000

Then once you have revenue and a proven business model, look at the fancy development team


I started off designing my own site, but it’s so ambitious in its scope that I decided to outsource it. I had an investor friend who said he would invest the whole amount if I did exactly that: prove the business model works. So, that’s my plan at the moment (to build my own site — I also know a little coding that will help), but couldn’t help but look for shortcuts on here.

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Do what tengable said. Get it going manually first to test if the model works, then build your fancy automated website after you have cashflow /proof of concept.

Also fyi - A big custom web design project like that will usually take 4-8 months at minimum, so it will also push your timeline and take that much longer to verify your business model even works.

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You could go even more basic, and use Google sheets and Google forms.

No WordPress or anything. Contact local companies and get them to sign up. If you can't do that, then a website won't help you

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This is a way better idea - Excellent point