I need a brand name for advertising company

by coleglogan. Posted on Sep 17, 2020    1    7

I’m bad at coming up with good names that pop and make sense. I need help it’s for digital ad company, anything goes.



Once you come up with a good name and start your business you should join Balo Trade. It will allow you to gain instant international exposure and help you get off to a good start. A friend of mine offers business services on the platform and apparently gains most of his clients through it.
Here is the link if it interests you.


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Here is an article that might help you decide what's best for your company: https://medium.com/markupgrade/interview-with-catchwords-maria-cypher-how-to-create-a-great-name-for-your-business-or-product-59e337ad29

Best of luck with your naming strategy! :)

therobotswin 1

if you cant come up with a name, how are you going to come up with ads?

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Really interesting point, I dont run the ads and I barely have experience. I’m using some sort service for the ads for my clients. Does that make sense?

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puff is my favorite name.

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commercial, promotion, blurb, write-up, display. poster, leaflet, pamphlet, flyer, bill, handbill, handout, circular, brochure, sign, placard. North American folder, dodger. affiche. informal ad, push, plug, puff, bumf

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Shouldn't that be exactly what you're good at? Try AnyAd.