I need a free software that can handle many gmail accounts in 1 Macbook

by hentaiikidd. Posted on Sep 14, 2020    0    5

I have hundreds of gmail accounts, and I have to check for new email everyday from each one of them. I don't want to log in every single gmail and do that because it takes a lot of time.

Any idea about a free software that can log in and control all of my gmail accounts in my Macbook, and whenever a new mail is sent to a gmail account, it'll pop up notification and I only have to check to see which gmail account it is?

And if that software can be used in Windows, too, that would be so great!


penx15 1

Someones a Nigerian prince...

LavenderAutist 1

Wow. Why do you have so many email accounts?

That's baller.

SafetyMan35 2

Set each of the gmail accounts to automatically forward incoming email to a single address.


LeeAllure 2

This is what I do - I don't have hundreds of email accounts, but I do have many of my accounts forwarded to my main gmail account.

You can reply from there as from the email address it was sent to.
Creating a new email? you can select the account you want it to be sent from. Makes life so much easier.

JourneyToPeace 4

Why do you even have so many email accounts? I'd suggest setting them up to forward to a single email.