I need a Name for my company based on star or Constellation . the company is for building Apps with AI and Machine Learning.

by mtea994. Posted on Sep 13, 2020    0    11

i am launching my company for apps based on AI and ML , but i want the name from some cool star or constellation. i have no knowledge about Astronomy hence asking.

suggest a cool star/constellatio name with a line of something thats famous about it or suits it.


jjrgross 2

Sol Orion or Andromeda


Try to use https://www.fantasynamegenerators.com/ I've made a lot of brand name based from this site. Very helpful to generate some ideas then you can fine-tune it to suit yourself.

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Hey, if you want feedback or to practice pitching, it would be great to have you as part of our small-group meetups! quin.group/startup

chillintheforest 2

Any info beyond just AI apps? This is really a marketing question.

You don't have to explain the whole concept if you don't want to, but it would be helpful to know how you want the brand to be perceived.

So for example, if your apps are doing really powerful calculations with AI, you might go with something "supernova" related. See what I'm saying?

  mtea994 1

yes. i understand what you want to know our focused is more intelligent AI data intensive applications and with behavior focused implementation.

AhelpinHand 2

Interstellar. That’ll be a million dollars, thank you

xAvi_r 2

Sextant? Virgo? Aries?

Also, I have a business idea in the back of my head. Would pay to find a name (or to get some relevant proposals)?

If yes, how much?

AntiAntialiasing 3

It was worth a shot, but I honestly think there is plenty of descriptions here to pull up a great google search on the topic. I typed in constellation names and was able to pull up 84 names right there. None of them seemed fit, but that's where the companies opinion comes in.

Hope this helps! Maybe check out some interviews with Neil Degrasse Tyson for some more terms to search through?

  mtea994 2

thanks m8 sure will do

AntiAntialiasing 1

Good luck! :D

timshoaf 4

I would say "Mensa" just for the double entendre, but it seems both too contrived and a little lackluster. You want something short, punctual, and that goes well with a .ai suffix for your website.


Andromeda.AI has a nice ring. Whoever has the domain isn't doing much with it.


Perseus isn't half bad either.

Japanese names for celestial objects aren't bad, though even the word for future, Mirai wouldn't be terrible since it ends in .ai and can be played cross-lingually here since Mir- as a morpheme carries a meaning of "wonder". In Spanish mirar is "to look", and in Japanese miru also means "to look", so it has this interesting coincidental cognate. Evocations of "mirror" etc appeal to the english demographic and in the end you get this sort of futuristic / introspective sort of name.


Mir.ai doesn't seem like a terrible option, but it needs to flow in a sentence. "Have you checked out Mir? Do you use Mir? My company is migrating its ML stack to Mir."


Try picking potential names and thinking about how your name fits in real-world conversations between developers, executives, VCs, etc.