I need help evaluating the business I’m working with. www.staple-clothing.com

by kinkjorge. Posted on Sep 10, 2020    1    10

Hi everybody! It’d mean a lot if you were able to look at this website and let me know what you understand about the business. We’re still working on crafting our message and want to know how well we’ve done. Let me know what you think about the idea as well! Thank you so much!



Hyphens a no go for domains

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Not really accurate I know plenty of successful business that use a hyphen in the domain

  kinkjorge 1

yeah totally get that. we’re in the process of changing our name and hopefully that’ll allow us to have a non hyphenated domain

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The guy who said that literally has a domain that was taken and added 42 to the name so maybe do like him?


One thing I noticed is that on mobile, when you click the menu icon, the load in time of the divs or whatever they are are kind of slow. Maybe try 500 milliseconds or 300?

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Can you try guessing our intended audience by looking at our website?

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Need to do more on the marketing aspect! Set aside a budget for broad match/phrase match on google ads. Searched staple clothing and it wasnt even in the organic results.

Very nice page layout and easy to navigate

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Appreciate that! We’ve been trying our best but it’s been difficult, it’s another reason we’re considering changing our name.

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I think your site looks really good. I did not understand exactly what you did until I read your About Us page, but if I liked the clothing, I am not sure that would matter. Also, instead of just saying "Explore the Lima Collection" maybe you could also somehow indicate that is the Peru collection, which is just one of your many geographic-based collections. I knew Lima was a city in Peru, but did not make that connection when I first looked at the page, and either way did not understand you had different collections based on location.

  kinkjorge 1

Appreciate the feedback! We’ll definitely look into fixing that