I need help sending money to Ukraine

by abarkerdesign. Posted on Sep 12, 2020    0    12

I recently started a weekly design competition where the winner receives $20 for the best design. I had planned to use PayPal to pay the winners since I don’t want to collect their bank information but my first winner is from the Ukraine and PayPal won’t let me send money there (don’t know why).

Anyone have any ideas on how I can send the money?


BigBalli 1

I'd advise TransferWise. Used it hundreds of times flawlessly.

Cheap(er), fast, reliable, and transparent.

germandar 1

All those suggesting Transfer wise have no idea. I work with developers in Ukraine. So every time I would send money different amounts $100 - $1000 some part of money would dissapeared because they "don't control how much money intermediaries charge".

So I had a case when i sent $100 and the guy received $56!

Don't forget I have already paid for the transfer wise fees.

BigBalli 1

TransferWise shows how much money the recipient's bank receives.

some banks have fees for receiving transfers. You need to agree if this is on you or them.

olgee0 1

Transferwise........or Payoneer...but I use Transferwise..... And am in the no-no zone of monetary transactions

backtoshovellinghay 1

Also would recommend you lay out terms of payment in the competition to get around these headaches. “All prices will be paid via PayPal” or something.
But something like transferwise should do it

  abarkerdesign 1

I do have that users must be paid using PayPal in my terms.. I guess I just feel bad not paying someone after they have done all he work. I guess I’ll just have to get over it and be more strict. Thanks!

backtoshovellinghay 2

It’s just safer for you in the long run than trying to find workarounds for individuals. Maybe they’ll ask to use a less legitimate platform or something that could be problematic. But great on you for supporting upcoming artists!

hwy_str 3

TransferWise works really well.

wojtekthesoldierbear 3

Western Union is generally the best bet for cash-in-hand. Bitcoin or other crypto for everything else.

slipperly 4

Crypto, transferweise, pilot.co, then PayPal is what I would look for. You are basically sending the money through PayPal to an email address, and the recipient has a Ukrainian bank setup, right? You could also request a new email address, send the $20 over PayPal to that address, then he may not be able to transfer to a Ukrainian bank but can still spend on other items he can buy though PayPal.

  abarkerdesign 1

This is really helpful, thank you!

germandar 1

Do not use transferwise if you don't like nasty surprises.