I need help sending money to Ukraine

by abarkerdesign. Posted on Sep 12, 2020    2    11

I recently started a weekly design competition where the winner receives $20 for the best design. I had planned to use PayPal to pay the winners since I don’t want to collect their bank information but my first winner is from the Ukraine and PayPal won’t let me send money there (don’t know why).

Anyone have any ideas on how I can send the money?


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FYI, PayPal doesn't work in Ukraine due to some stupid currency regulation laws Ukraine has. It may change in the future. At least PayPal is no longer IP blocking Ukraine, so that foreigners don't have to use a VPN just to access their PayPal account.

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TransferWise may work - we’ve used for international contractors and consulting

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You still need bank details for TransferWise.

OP only other option is western union or money gram .

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Just send cash in the mail, it'll be cheaper than any other solution even if you lose it once or twice

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Western union

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Unfortunately I have to second this. Moneygram basically rejected my account and didnt want to talk to me, PayPal doesn't service Ukraine and the only thing that was realistically available to the seller is western union (who scam on exchange rates)

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Western union rates are pretty competitive usually. May be it’s different for Ukrainian currency

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Thanks for the help! I’ll try setting up a western union transaction. I expect to pay fees.. hopefully they aren’t more than the actual prize. That will suck.

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I've payed a contractor in Ukraine who invoiced me using Payoneer, as they were using it for it's invoicing features.

Otherwise I use TransferWise as they've got competitive rates and fees.

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