I need help with ideas

by Thecassandragoth. Posted on Sep 16, 2020    0    7

So i want to start selling products maybe in Nov or Dec but i need help what should i sell first lotion or lip gloss and also any advice for first time sellers❤️.


smblued 1

Congrats on the decision to sell products. Which one are you most passionate about or currently obsess over?

  Thecassandragoth 1

Thanks ❤️.I use lotion more but i might sell both.

smblued 1

It sounds like you need to go product hunting! Start sampling out products to white label or learn how to make them, or if you’re reselling make sure you get the proper permissions to sell. I always choose a product based on how easy it ships and how much demand there is for it, but every online seller has their own priorities

calemedia 1

Sounds like a hard market, is this your own product? What makes it special?

  Thecassandragoth 1

Idk if its hard im thinking private label or home made. Homemade is a cheaper option

IcarusReboot 2

Sell both.
It will be a tough market to tap in to, any sales will be crucial. Sell both and if you notice later one is no good then abandon it .

  Thecassandragoth 1

True i might try this. Thanks