I recently learned what I've been doing for a little over two years now is "corporate restructuring"

by shirtharmony. Posted on Sep 13, 2020    1    1


For the past two years I have been helping organizations "corporate restructure" their IT budgets. I never knew this was what I was doing or a term used in the consultation world until I watched a video by Andrei Jikh. He has an absolutely amazing Youtube finance channel.

I have been working for MSPs the past two years, exceeding expectations and providing the best customer satisfactory experience I could I was able to get involved into projects that impacted the big budgets of these companies. I have done everything from regularly being the peon changing the password for people who seem to forget it by the hour to the right hand man for IT directors of companies as large as fortune 2000 companies. The kind of exposure into the world of C-level executives was so transformative to my mindset especially after rotting away at a dead end job for almost 12 years. With this new mindset I have been able to become a different person from my younger self and land a position as the sole IT manager of an entire organization with 50+ employees. I have been able to save this company just over a quarter of a million dollars a year in their IT budget within six months.

Until I watched Andrei's video I would of never known what I did for this company from a consultant's perspective would of been "corporate restructuring" that more than likely pays three, five, ten times more and likely providing a better work life balance.

I've come to ask for help from those that have been successful in leading in their own. I have direct experience now and I know it can work as I've done it. I am unsure how to successfully work for myself as a consultant or how to get clients. I have already built a website. Thoughts?


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In my experience, consulting is almost exclusively successful through networking. Very rarely have I seen a consultant hired off of a flashy website that an executive found from a google search. It's almost always because someone we know used the consultant, or even because our competitors used the consultant.

One way you can start leveraging networking is my going back to those who have used your service so far. Ask them how they liked your service, how it improved their business, then ask if they can give you three names of people in their network who might benefit from it also.