I think this will be one of a kind post here. Looking for a US company/partner to bid in a tender

by IronBoundManzer. Posted on Sep 11, 2020    2    12

I'm a manufacturer in India and I manufacture RFID smart cards. There is a metro in Atlanta ( ITS MARTA)
They have a bid for procurement of RFID cards and RFID paper based tickets, my company is capable to manufacture these cards and tickets. In fact we can also bid ourselves but I do not have the knowledge of local customs and laws which may cause me trouble in future.

If someone is interested or if someone knows somebody who maybe interested do comment back here or DM. The tender ends in 15 days.




You are not qualified to bid on this. If you were, you would not be asking Reddit for help. Anyone here stupid enough to help you is going to get burned by your lack of qualification.

  IronBoundManzer 1

I have executed works Similar to this in my country.
If I had a point of contact I would've bid myself.


Sorry, that does not in any way make you qualified to do the same in an entirely different country.

Do you really not see that?

  IronBoundManzer 3

Yes ofcourse. That's why I'm asking here if any entrepreneur has any connections there. That's all. We can collectively put in our resources together and see how it goes.

Delanorix 2

You truly must not understand how business works.

Is Reddit the best place to ask? No, but companies do things like this all the time.


I've bid on more contracts I can count. Yes, I know how business works. You generally don't win international contracts when you have no idea how local customs and laws work in other countries.

Delanorix 1

Right, so at that point you reach out to someone in the area who can help.

Much like this post.


Again - reaching out... on Reddit? Yeah, okay buddy. Have fun explaining that to the procurement lead for the bid.

Delanorix 1

Why would you ever tell that? The company doesn't care where the bid comes from.


Uh, of course they care where the bid comes from - for a large number of pretty basic legal reasons. Besides, these things fall apart pretty quickly under any sort of competent due diligence.

"Please, again, explain the nature of your business relationship - how exactly did you connect? What do you know about each other? How long have you worked together? How many bids have you teamed up on?"

Not hard to figure out something is fishy.

Trackzyapp 3

...but that's exactly what he is looking for.

He is like:

"I can produce X but I can't do Y.

Anyone interested in doing Y so we can bid on this contract."

I don't think there is anything wrong with that. He is aware he doesn't know Y.

Its up to any company that might want to work with him to decide if it's smart business or not.

judahblaze 1

Reading the procurement details, it seems all you would need would be a representative office set up in the United States, registered to do business in Georgia, and have the time to go to the small bid window they have at their facility to provide them the samples they are requesting; along with all of the other documents showing your capabilities.

I'm sure there is a company you could partner with on a joint venture. I'd start looking in Georgia.