I want to run a gaming internet cafe in the UK; what permissions or licenses would I need to get?

by coryuuj. Posted on Sep 12, 2020    1    5

So I am trying to get a gaming internet cafe in the UK.
I want it to run as a 24 hour opening hour system.
I want to sell simple food and drinks like a cafe.

what licensing should I be weary of when starting my business/renting out a commercial property?



Check out the government's License Finder: https://www.gov.uk/licence-finder

You might also need to investigate the food business registration system: https://www.gov.uk/food-business-registration

The important thing to know here is that your commercial classification (what in the US is called "zoning") will impact the type of business you are allowed to operate in a space, so you might need to work with your local authority on changing a location's classification. (So if it's a general shop - A1 - you might need to switch it to A3 to allow you to sell baked goods.)

The Food Standards Agency has a lot of helpful information about how to handle food safely for customers. You'll need to set up a way to collect and pay VAT taxes - your payment processor might be able to help with that.

Good luck!

  coryuuj 1

Many thanks about this information. I have all the qualifications regarding food safety thankfully. I think I need to inquire the government about this sort of facility in terms of the commercial classification.

kfbrewer 1

As a game store owner, I think your a little late to the party. Kudos to anyone trying to make their own way but this was a great business idea a decade ago.

Gaming has changed, people watch streamers more than play themselves. High speed internet is way more affordable and how people play games has changed.

Selling someone $10 worth of food so they can camp 8-10 hours doesn’t sound the best.

Also COVID as an issue isn’t going away in the US or UK anytime soon, keep that in mind.

Sky_Linx 1

Are you sure this is s good time for this idea? I'm referring to the pandemic.

  coryuuj 1

Of course I don't plan on opening when covid19 is still around I still need to grab my last bit of funding as well as try to know the ins and outs before I start my plans. There were very little information about this type of business in the uk as it is a blue ocean.