I want to start a 3D virtual tour business.

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This is what I’ve got in my notes. The drone stuff would come later cause I want a good drone.

Essentially I’d be taking 360 shots and using the matterport software, I’d create a cohesive 3D rendering of the home. I got the idea from a YouTube video but I think it’s perfect for my market.

Question to lead with: How many times do you usually show a property to sell it?

Pitch: Every real estate agent/broker wants to accomplish more, and do less. We want fewer physical appointments.

Real Estate agents: When you use this 3-D scanning technology, your audience broadens, WORLDWIDE! Without having to come see the house, someone in Florida could do a virtual tour in California. Here. They can see the floor plan, all of the features and colors, the layout and flow of the house, in astonishing detail, from their own home. This I believe is a very valuable tool and will help you sell houses much more quickly. This crazy era of COVID has brought a plague of inconvenience. I’ve heard different rules about different firms, where perhaps only one person is allowed at a time, and couples have to be given separate tours. That’s absolutely exhausting. It’s time consuming, we just want to go home.

Property managers: the need to show off the apartment is no more! Instead, you can text the matterport link to the potential, and if they don’t like it, you’ve saved yourself an appointment. You can do a before and after scan of each tenant and prove beyond a reasonable doubt any damage they may have done. It’s now become really easy to document these things. “Judge, look at the difference in condition here, look at the before and after, I mean these are 3D scans.”

MATTER TAGS(meet Kevin how to start a 3D scanning business)

Contractors: you can use these scans to send updates to your customers.

Scan: $200 Up sell: matter tags: $50 Photos+retouching: 199 Drone shots: 99 2D render: $99 Property line drawing: $99 Package:$750..... together $500

So the process I need is to buy the equipment (ordered), then I have to get my business license and liability insurance.

Sorry this post is all over the place, my mind was racing when I wrote that. If anybody has anything to add to this I’d love to hear it! Thanks!


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A lot of people are trying this idea and seeing how I have hardly ever seen a house for sale that’s using this 3d technology it kinda proves nobody is willing to pay the extra fee to hire someone to make their listing 3d, my guess is they want to take the calls and do the tours because then they have a client in the bag

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So I’m thinking I could still make a decent living if I charge $75 per scan to start. If I do two scans a day that’s double what my current job makes me.

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I could package multiple together. 5 property scans for $600 or something.

That’s a good point though. I’ll have to think about that...