I want to start a drive in movie theater with some extra additions.

by Walmart_Feet23. Posted on Sep 10, 2020    1    2

To/Dr: I want to build a drive in theater/bowling alley that's not in the middle of a city on land that I could do other things with such as having a pumpkin patch or a Christmas tree farm.

Ihad the idea to open a new drive in theater in my area after the Covid epidemic happened and all the theaters shut down. The only other one in my area is old af and run down, right of the highway towards the city so there's always a lot of light interference and extra noise.

I wanted to start one further out of town where a lot of the country folk (like myself) don't have anything to do, and never want to drive the hour and a half to the city for a mediocre movie experience.

I haven't done much research into other drive-ins but I would also like to have it set up where people can order food and drinks on their phones and have people bring it out to them. Having drinks made to match the movies thermically. Serving butter beer while having a Harry Potter marathon for example.

In addition to the regular drive-in experience, I thought it would be a good idea to include a bowling alley/arcade. I'm on a lot of local pages and a lot of people complain that the old one in town was shut down, now there's nothing for people to do unless, again they drive forever to the city.

I even thought it would be a good idea to have a sunflower field, or pumpkin patch, Christmas tree farm, or even a you-pick farm on the land where I could do tours, have it lit during the seasons, etc.

What better date than going to a pumpkin patch, then go bowling, and finish it off by watching Halloween movies at the drive in. Or go look at pretty Christmas trees and drink butter beer while watching Harry Potter, all in the same place?

That being said, I don't know how big of a business loan I would need, how much land I would need, or even if it's a good idea to build one that's not in a population dense location.


MinecraftMommy4 1

There is a place like that minus the movie theater in a town near mine and they do really well. Christmas light hayrides, halloween spooky hayrides, pumpkin patch, tree farm, and restaurant.

zackthesalesrep 4

I’d say 25-30 acres and about a million dollars would do it. My biggest issue with small towns, at least the one I live in... is everybody complains when the local businesses go under but don’t support the ones that’re open.