I want to start something but have no idea

by RMF743. Posted on Sep 10, 2020    1    9

I don't know why, I am 17, have a lot of fantasy and imagination, but right now I can't find an idea good enough that makes me think "Wow, I really want to work on that" or "wow I can become millionaire doing this" and so on. I am going to start informatics school, that's why I am going to learn programming, at first with Java and then with Python, I know three languages, soon four and I also am very interested in vehicles and aircrafts and other things. Please don't hate me, I just really want to start something, a website, create a product or anything else, but I have zero ideas at the moment and this is very demoralizing. I would like some suggestions on what I could do based on my skills or where I could find inspiration or someone who could help me finding this idea



Same here bro

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I can help if you want:ideas, implementation and so on https://bizwheel.ro/

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Think manufacturing within what your interests are

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You just said you like cars and aircraft. You can now narrow down on what you can do. Maybe install sound systems?

supernova_startups 2

Why don't you start growing your own community around what you enjoy and are good at? Let members talk to each other, raise questions, offer help and suggestions, but at the same time you as an owner of this community offer lots of good value - your knowledge, your views and opinions, engage with them, etc.

Why? ...you may ask. I will tell you what people want and it will show you what can you offer to this community that you can charge for. Instead of building/creating a product first and then looking for customers, your audience will tell you what they need and you you will create it and give it to them. These people will be your best ever customer that you engaged and committed already.

Do all this while you study. In couple of years you will have a perfect bunch of committed customers that you won't need to look for.

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Thank you for the help
What do you mean with community? Like starting an ig page or something like that?

supernova_startups 1

No, not Instagram - people don’t communicate there.
Create your own community on a separate platform, such Circle or similar.
The whole point is to let this community to talk to each other about the topic you decide when you initially create this platform. Build a very specific and focus niche, let the community grow, listen carefully what problems they are facing and talk about, keep offering valuable content and start introducing paid membership and inside offer this what they really wanted.

The problem with building a product first is that you need to look for very specific audience. By. creating your community first, you don’t need to look for your customer.

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Oh, thank you very much for the help

Gary-Barber-SCORE 2

Businesses solve problems, real or imagined. So look for problems that people you come in contact have and are willing to give you money to solve. You have identified a widely held problem already! The problem is: “I want to start a business, but I don’t know what business.” Figure out a process to solve that problem and sell it to other people in the same predicament.