I want to test the market but stripe refund fee is too high

by Belal99. Posted on Sep 14, 2020    0    3

Hey, I have read lean startup and using that method I wanna test the waters. But I don't know if the presales will cover the cost of website, marketing, production etc. And I'll have to refund everyone.

Is there any SaaS that let me do that? I cannot afford thousands of dollars in refund fee if I couldn't make the product.


22bearhands 1

If you sold thousand of dollars of a product that doesn't exist, why wouldn't you then source and sell the product? Or just set up a website where people sign up to be notified when its available rather than taking their money knowing you need to refund it...

MaxPast 2

Not only the refund fee: you will lose your account if your refund rate is high. For example, MasterCard recently lowered the threshold to 0.8%.

I also think that it's not a good idea to take such big risks at all. What if you get the numbers right but fail to deliver? It may even lead to criminal charges.

I don't recommend you to charge then refund, better go for some other ways of confirming the intent, like a pre-order form, for example. Or collect checks but don't go to the bank until you are absolutely sure.

Boarders0 2

Pree order Form with a "Buy Now" button
When they click it it could say service not yet implemented and forward to a opt-in form for when you are in production.