Idea dump. Take what you want, send me at least 50$ if you become a millionaire from one (or more) of them

by Jbrahms33. Posted on Sep 10, 2020    119    48

  1. Critically acclaimed movie streaming aggregate with browser extension companion. Get achievements for watching movies and level up to become a "critic" and have you personal favorites receive attention.
  2. Quizzine: GPS activated trivia to play at restaurants while waiting for your food. Smart people earn discounts and maybe even free dessert
  3. Antiquest: Pomodoro RPG. Explore and find new locations, monsters, NPC's, loot and more as you put your phone down and avoid using it. PVP is a possibility with two people online competing to see who can avoid using their phone the longest.
  4. Moss: social media with the purpose of finding friends and acquaintances from your past. Fill in info like where you went to school, what classes you took; what jobs you've had, etc. See others that share similar events
  5. Pre-crowdfunding website for the very early stages of an idea. Votes determine popularity and popular ideas get enough funding to create something substantial enough to move on to Kickstarter or Indiegogo
  6. Sleepbetter. Bet money that you will wake up at a certain time. Winners split the earnings that are lost by those that lose.
  7. Relic: GPS game where you try to find a specific location by looking at a picture taken by another player. As a picture taker, if its too easy and found too quickly, you get less points-- same with if it is too hard and never found
  8. A new kind of rebate program where you get virtual rewards like unlocking items, stages, etc for a video game.
  9. Mobile arcade game that is unlocked by scanning QR codes dispensed from a gumball machine..
  10. A new kind of loyalty punch-card program that is shared between friends. The value of the reward increases as it is passed on and used.



These are not good and wont make anyone into a millionaire I’m so sorry. Your ideas sound “fun” they don’t solve problems at all and that doesn’t tend to make millions unless it’s a unicorn of sorts

  Jbrahms33 13

Hey we just like to have fun here


I’m sorry mate I don’t want to come across as spiteful. Just my opinion and input and maybe I’m wrong I can accept that, keep having ideas mate don’t mean to slag you or discourage you. I came up with App in 2015 that helped find pickup games, it didn’t gain traction and no app in the space has so maybe I’m just cynical

canadurps 1

Were you on dragons den or something? I remember seeing a pitch for your idea.

throwsuiciaway 1

Me? Nope! Almost made it to Shark Tank was super super super close

canadurps 1

Dude man I’m almost positive you got ripped off. See if you can find it. I know I saw it in tv. Might’ve been shark tank

throwsuiciaway 1

Yeah we’ll whatever. That product genuinely has no traction. No one is getting rich on anything like it I’m convinced

  Jbrahms33 4

I'm not depending on any of these ideas for success. its more of a hobby for me to come up with ideas.


literally none of these are good sorry

VoteAndrewYang2024 1

lol i already do number 7. have a local group in telegram where we upload pix for guessing the place

fun. needs social media to be great. would be better on fb but i don't fb

am_kc 2

Sleep better. Thats a good one lol

amorena2 2

I like the Moss idea

  Jbrahms33 1

I think it’s good too. Someone brought up the fact that it would give too much information about someone, but there are ways to go about it so it’s a bit more secure

SatanicLemons 2

Sleepbetter would only be possible if upon waking up you had to complete certain tasks on the app that only a human could input, you’d also have to have heart-rate monitoring and some sort of way to record sleep. That idea will be huge for degenerate gamblers in 2055.

Yup767 2

Could you require that they go to a specific GPS point? Or take a photo of something? Like bathroom sink or whatever

SatanicLemons 2

You could take selfies and pictures around your bed before you go to sleep, and then a bot could just open the app and send it while you sleep til whenever. Just hard to do without extremely hard evidence you were asleep and woke up exactly at a certain time.Edit: the selfies and pics being for anything near where you sleep because you could only ever ask for that in order to get accurate time. And location on gps could be easily faked.

Yup767 2

QR code seems like the simplest solution but also the least appealing

A more limited in appeal, but other obvious solution is with smart watches. Some of them measure heart rate, awake or asleep etc, however I'm not sure on accuracy. I do know specific purpose wrist devices work well, I'm not sure about smart watches

oholymike 3

You've got some good ideas here... if I try any I'll let you know how it goes.

  Jbrahms33 1

Thanks. Send me a DM at any point if you make some progress

oholymike 1

Will do.

three_furballs 4

The loyalty chain one is a neat idea. Implementation would be tricky, but that would be a cool way to do some grassroots advertising if you could find a way to validate the user transfers.

gelema5 2

Just give users a QR code/referral link. Having rewards that don’t expire super quickly and benefit both people would be the difference between other rewards programs.

Also encouraging entire groups of friends to share with one another, to make the friendship circle that much more entrenched with the program. You’re more likely to get a new person hooked if 5 of their friends will benefit than just 1.

  Jbrahms33 1


HighMAC420 6

Damn I actually wanna offer you a job

  Jbrahms33 3

I have nothing to offer but creativity, if that’s what you’re looking for then sure

newinvestors 6

As someone who gets impatient at restaurants and loves trivia equally, fuccs with quizzine if someone did it I’d definitely use it

guy9251 2
  Jbrahms33 3

Thanks. I actually think it’s the strongest one on the list

guy9251 4

Yeah, it’s my favorite one. I’ll build it. You’ll see your $50 soon lol

  Jbrahms33 1

Sweet. Keep me updated

guy9251 2

Done. you can see it here . Still just a prototype, so not the best design, but it works. When you create an account you’ll be able to make a quiz (a qr code will be generated that links to it) and select what type of reward the customer gets after getting all the answers right. Also, the quiz viewer is only optimized for mobile, so it’ll look a little weird on pc.

Let me know your thoughts

  Jbrahms33 1

Looks great! A QR code used to verify a reward is the most secure, but I doubt many restaurants would have an easy way to scan it. A couple alternatives could be a code you that matches a printed out list they have by the register or the user takes a picture of their receipt and gets the rebate transferred to them through the app

guy9251 2

Yeah, you have a point. What u have now is just a temporary solution. If I ever get somewhere with this, I’ll implement something more secure

impendinggreatness 7

I really like number 3.

Number 4 is literally Facebook though

Jackisback123 1
  Jbrahms33 7

what is facbook

impendinggreatness 8

The Zucc

mysterpoeleece1 5

Can’t Fucc The Zucc

gelema5 24

I actually love the Sleepbetter idea, but it has a high probability of being overrun by bots that always win. While not necessarily bad (the real users did opt into the bet of their own free will) I’m sure it would taint the experience.

Lyonrra 1

Sleep better : Go check Go Fucking Do It.

It is the same concept. It has been there forever. It had some good press, but not a real business

  Jbrahms33 1

I’d like to know how much the Stepbet app makes from its user base

  Jbrahms33 2

I'm thinking you make it hard to cheat, like a GPS coordinate you have to walk to in order to be considered awake

daruboi 2

Yeah even I kinda liked the idea of Sleepbetter. It would be great to see something like that becoming a reality in the near future.

theamericaninfrance 6

you could bet yourself. if you lose it could go to charity or something

asardiwal 2

Or give everything back to the user once he sets a streak of say, a week or two.

gelema5 4

I like that. Since the winners circle would be less significant then, you could increase the community aspect by showing which charities are getting (“winning”) the most.

You could also expand it to tons of other ideas, like betting yourself to go on a jog, to start a project, etc.