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by pedrofintech. Posted on Sep 11, 2020    1    5

Hi, fellow Redditors,

I recently started a website that I envision as "The Tripadvisor for Investment Fintechs".

Basically a platform where users can find all investment platforms available in each country, filtered by category (online brokers, robo-advisors, crowdfunding, impact investing, etc), learn how these work and get unbiased reviews from both other investors and us (company).

The current online recommendations/comparison industry is saturated and has some conflicts of interest – there is an incentive to recommend the platforms that pay more.

This result is not so good platform recommendations for investors, and very little education, since platforms comparison and recommendations are what generates more money, leading to bad investments. 

I want to be 100% aligned with clients – investors -, so that I can help them achieve their main objective – make profit.

Any ideas for other revenue models for a business like this that doesn't such a conflict of interest?

Thanks in advance


tengable 1

Charge a membership fee. I would make it a high cost too.

Put out a free newsletter, with high quality, but slightly outdated to let people see the quality of your insights without giving away the whole gig.

  pedrofintech 1

A membership fee for what? Most websites like this work for free for the investors, I'm afraid a paid website wouldn't work...

tengable 1

Unless I'm mistaken, people would likely be reading your site to decide what to invest in right?

So if people feel that the information on your site will help them make thousands, it would be worth it to pay for that information. Investors typically know that the more people know about something, the less likely they are too make money at it. So paying for access to exclusive information that gives them an edge is an obvious choice for them.

The key is to actually provide that value and insight, and convince people you have it.

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Help teach OP how to devise and test business models and monetization strategies.

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